Bad at Love


Happy Valentine’s Day! And yes, I titled this post after Halsey’s song because I love it (and this post is about being bad at love, so it’s perfect). In case you haven’t been following me long and haven’t seen my Valentine’s Day ideas for singles post, I am currently single. It’s not something that I’m particularly unhappy about because there’s a lot that I’m still learning about myself right now. But…

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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles


Who’s ready for Valentine’s Day? I know it can be easy for single people to scoff at the holiday, but you know what? I’m not going to let a holiday go to waste simply because I’m currently not dating anyone. If you’re in the same boat, I’ve created a list of fun things to do that does not involve being in a relationship!

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How to Stay Motivated


It’s the second month of the year; are you still working hard towards your resolutions?

Personally, I think I’ve been doing well so far. I was in a rough patch last year, and I think I’m finally taking steps that will allow me to move forward. I know many of my readers and followers are in a similar place, so I thought that today, I’d share some tips on staying motivated and productive!

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Favorite Sustainability Videos


I wanted to write more sustainability and environmental conservation posts for my blog this year, so I am going to start off with some of my favorite videos that bring awareness to environmental issues! I think that when videos and films are done well, they can leave an inspirational message with their viewers. Especially since nature is so beautiful and the destruction can be so horrible to see, I believe videos can certainly help bring awareness to environmental concerns. I personally enjoy watching them and feel more inspired than ever to spread awareness and help the issue myself.

While there’s plenty of videos and documentaries out there, this post features five of my favorite videos. I feel like these motivate me to research these topics further and look for lifestyles changes that can help the environment. In the future, I’ll probably make a post similar to this one but with my favorite documentaries. Since documentaries are longer, they’re normally more informational and focus more on one topic.

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Lessons I’ve Learned From Quidditch


I completely understand why quidditch isn’t taken seriously as a real sport. It originated from a young adult fantasy series and requires players to run around with a PVC pipe between their legs. It can look really silly. When I first started, it was more of a nerdy sport. Some people were athletes, but the majority were geeks. The sport has grown a lot since then, and nowadays it seems to attract more athletic people. Despite this, I’ve also seen uncoordinated, geeky people practice enough to excel in their positions.

Many people do seem interested and eager to learn more when I tell them I play quidditch. Some people, however, think it’s stupid. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but especially since my parents are harsh critics of the sport, I thought about why I enjoy it, what it means to me, and why I keep playing. Quidditch has honestly taught me a lot these past few years, and many are lessons that I can take with me anywhere.

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