How to Survive Long Shifts


Lately, my job has been scheduling me for twelve hour shifts. I work a regular food service job that I don’t particularly care about, so alas, these are miserable. It’s open to close, setting everything up and taking it all down. Plus, I work in more of a dining hall with different stations, and I’m typically at one tiny station. All day. Luckily, I have cool coworkers so at least I can venture out to talk to them when we’re not that busy.

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March Book Haul


Guess what I did again? I purchased more books even though I haven’t had any time to read whatsoever! My friend wanted to go to Books a Million, and I couldn’t say no to a weekend trip to the bookstore. Books-a-Million always has interesting books on sale, so I always want to buy everything. This time, I managed to limit myself to four books.

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Being an Aquarius


Growing up, my grandma had these wooden astrology decorations in the hallway next to the guest room I stayed in. She only had those that belonged to her children (so there wasn’t an Aquarius one), but I still thought that they were cool and enjoyed reading them. Since then, I’ve been fascinated with horoscopes and love to read things about my sign, the Aquarius. I’ve actually been reading ‘Healing Signs: The Astrological Guide to Wholeness and Well-Being’ by Ronnie Gale Dreyer on my Kindle lately, and it’s been interesting to learn more about all of the signs!

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Spring Break Adventures


Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts/activity lately; my schedule has been quite chaotic. Plus, my computer has been having a lot of issues which has been driving me crazy.

Since I work on campus, however, I did get a spring break around two weeks ago where I had some time to catch up on a few things! I relaxed the majority of the time, but I still really enjoyed it.

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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week


The other day at work, I noticed that there were blue and green balloons that were tied to some of the chairs. Attached to them were laminated cards that said either “Someone dies from an eating disorder every 62 minutes” or “Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate out of any mental illnesses” for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

While yes, spreading awareness is always a good thing, I felt like there was so much more information that could’ve been put on these cards. I’ve never been diagnosed with an eating disorder, but in high school I struggled with a negative relationship with food. I lost a lot of weight and developed unhealthy habits. It was one of the most miserable times in my life. I was stuck in an endless cycle of going to school, doing homework, and going to work.

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February Book Haul


Hello everyone! After having a busy weekend, I went shopping at a few restore shops and a used bookstore. These places are great for discounted books; some might be worn, but there are quite a few in great condition. My boyfriend challenged me to find some novels that were outside the young adult genre, and I believe I succeeded. Since I’ve been falling behind on my to-be-read lists (I’ve had so many things to do and work’s been changing my schedule like crazy), I decided to share my haul with you guys! Hopefully I’ll be able to read these soon.

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My Top 5 Video Games


Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share the top five games that I’ve been playing lately. While I don’t play video games all the time (I have too many hobbies to be honest), I enjoy sitting down and playing every so often. I also have roommates who are more of gamers than I am, so I’m exposed to a variety of them. I’ve limited the games in this post to PS4 games, although some are on other consoles as well. The majority of these are¬† two-player because my roommates got me into it, so be prepared.

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18 Songs Tag


Hello everyone! While I was reading through some blogs, I found this awesome¬†’18 Songs’ tag on Liz’s blog. I thought that it would be fun, so I’ve decided to do it as well! I’ve been really busy and distracted lately, and a tag seemed like a simple way to get back into a blogging routine before I’m off traveling this weekend (which I’ll hopefully blog about afterwards).

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January Highlights


For me, January was a crazy month. I was insanely busy; my calendar literally only had a couple blank spaces at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, I couldn’t blog as much as I wanted, but I spent my time doing other things. There’s been quite a few lows (my grandma passed away, my job’s been trying to work me to death, I got sick, I kind of broke up with my boyfriend but not quite sure what’s up at the moment), but there’s also been some good parts. This post is about the highlights!

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