Trying Paperless Post


We only have a month and a half left in 2019, which means holidays are right around the corner. I already hear Christmas music when I go out shopping, and I know many of you are getting in the holiday spirit by setting up decorations, drinking peppermint mochas, watching holiday movies, and sending out holiday cards!

A few months ago, my brother was complaining to my mom about cards because they clutter his apartment and he throws them away afterwards. He does not like to send out cards for this reason, which comes as a huge disappointment to my mom who absolutely loves to receive cards. As someone who tries to be as sustainable as possible, I can understand my brother’s point, but I still feel like cards are a great way to brighten someone’s day and spread holiday cheer. When I learned about Paperless Post, I was excited to try it out! With Thanksgiving next week, I thought this would be the perfect post to get you ready for the holidays!

DISCLAIMER: In exchange for a review, I received coins to try and review Paperless Post. This blog post does include my honest opinions, and I only accept exchanges like this from products/services I am interested in trying.

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Studying Tips


Long time, no see! I haven’t been keeping up with my blog at all these past few months; I’ve been busy trying to figure out what I want in life on top of my day-to-day activities. While I haven’t been successful with that yet, I wanted to get back into blogging. I’ve managed to find somewhat of a schedule to keep up with classes, work, and volunteering, and now I have some free time to blog again!

Since I have midterms for my classes this week, I decided to write a post featuring a few studying tips for those of you who, like me, are taking midterms/exams. I tried to include a variety of suggestions, so this post might also come in handy when you’re taking notes throughout the semester!

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Trying Udemy


I was chatting with one of my customers at work the other day, and I mentioned that I was about to take classes at my local community college for computer programming. He then told me about this online site called Udemy. Udemy offers courses in computer development (and many more categories), and they were even having a sale that week. The name of the site did sound familiar (I think someone else might’ve mentioned it to me), so I decided to give it a look!

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Lessons From Avengers: Endgame


Whether you’re a superhero fan or not, you’ve probably heard that Avengers: Endgame was released last month (I probably tweeted about it too much myself, so I’m sorry if you think I’m a crazy obsessive fan now; you had to learn that at some point though, right?). I watched the movie opening night and was inspired to gather my thoughts into a blog post. I wanted to include a few of the lessons that I noticed throughout the movie (like my lessons from Captain Marvel post), but since this was such an epic film, I also wanted to include my favorite moments as well.

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains MAJOR spoilers for Avengers: Endgame, so only read this post if you have already watched the movie/don’t care about spoilers.

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