Halsey in Concert


Do you have an album, a song, or an artist that you fall in love with not only due to the art itself, but for the moments in your life where you can distinctly remember listening to the music non-stop?

This happens to me all the time. During my junior year of college, I discovered Halsey. I listened to her album Badlands 24/7. This was a crazy year for me-my grandmother passed away, I broke up with my boyfriend, I started drinking almost every weekend, and my quidditch team went into a more competitive league. It had lows, it had highs. Although it was a bit wild, I did manage to try a lot of new things that I enjoyed and went on lots of spontaneous adventures. I even accidentally forced my friends to listen to the CD when it got stuck in the car on our 5-hour drive back from Spring Break.


Fast forward a little bit to the release of hopeless fountain kingdom last summer. It was released the same day as Wonder Woman, which I like to officially state as the beginning of my summer (previously, all of my summer, post-grad ‘fun’ involved finding my car window smashed and having to get thirteen stitches in my knee, so…).

With all of this and my obsession for Halsey’s music, you can bet that I was hyped to hear that she was coming to my state. I got second row seats, requested off from work, and drove the three hour trip to the concert with one of my roommates.


Let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed. I literally sometimes prefer listening to her songs live on YouTube and Vevo, so I was dying at her concert. It was so amazing. She performed a lot of songs considering that she only has a few albums out. When the curtain came up to reveal her singing ‘Eyes Closed’ after ‘The Prologue’ was played throughout the arena, I died. She sung most of my favorite songs (which varies from time to time because I love all of them), and I sung along happily. Even though ‘Closer’ has been overplayed on the radio to the point of being annoying (to me at least), her acoustic version was on point. Also, fun fact, bees and butterflies are my favorite insects, and since they were kind of symbols for her concert, she had butterfly confetti. It was the best.

What songs/artists mean a lot to you? Did you get to see them in concert?

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