My Blog Goals


Hello everyone!

Since I just started this blog, I figured it would be nice to keep some goals in mind (it almost is a new year after all). This isn’t the first time I’ve been blogging, so I have a general idea of what I would like to work on this time around.

1) Take better photos

This is something that I’ve already been working on (so if I do a whole ‘New Year’s Resolution’ type of post in the future, expect to find this on there as well). I recently noticed that my camera was being neglected in my closet, so I’ve been bringing it along with me more often. I’ve been taking pictures of my cat and dog, quidditch matches (sports photography is actually really difficult), and just random parts of nature. Having photos that relate well to the blog content I’m posting will also be useful.

2) Get on a schedule

It doesn’t have to be a strict schedule, but it would be nice to post regularly. Say, twice a week or something.

3) Narrow down on a topic

This is honestly going to be the hardest thing for me to accomplish on this list; I kind of have an interest in a lot of different things. I tend to bounce back and forth between them too, so if I try to narrow it down too much I feel like I’d run out of things to write.

4) Get more involved in the community

One of the reasons I wanted to get back to blogging is to get engaged within the community again. There’s so many lovely people on here with great ideas and suggestions in a variety of topics. I’d like to read more blogs and perhaps even participate more on blogging talks on Twitter.

5) Connect social media

It can be stressful to manage a blog and keep up with the social media aspect to it to. Like Twitter for example. I feel like I haven’t quite grasped what to say on Twitter. And with Instagram, I’d rather have more of a theme this time around. With my first blog, I tried to have ALL of the types of social media accounts possible, but this time I’m just going to focus on the few I find to be most useful.

6) Make a cool header

Okay, so this was only going to have five goals, but I decided to add this as an extra one. I want an awesome header. I see so many blogs with cute artsy ones, so I’m hoping that maybe I’ll be able to create one in the near future that’ll represent my blog well.

What blog goals do have? Also, any tips on my goals would be much appreciated!




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