Adopting Tigger


Hello everyone! In today’s post, I wanted to share how I ended up adopting my cat, Tigger. I love, love, love animals, so obviously she’s one of the highlights of my day. I also wanted an excuse to post cute pictures of her (trust me, I have many). If you want to read her adoption story or want to look at cute cat pictures, keep reading!


During the summer of 2016, I moved in with one of my friends who was fostering two kittens at the time. I never really cared for cats before (I was always more of a dog person), but since I loved animals, it didn’t take long for me to start liking cats too. Those two kittens left and got adopted, so we decided to foster some more. This time, the lady in charge of the program traveled a few hours away to rescue about fifteen kittens who were about to be put down. She let one crate with a ton of kittens open in our family room (they were all so little and adorable) and asked if we could foster four for the night. She would be back tomorrow to find a different foster home for two of them.

My roommate was going to pick one and I was going to pick the other that we would foster. I wanted the playful, rambunctious one who loved to run, but since she was so little she had a funny way of doing so because her legs weren’t quite in sync with her small body (aka Tigger). We ended up not minding having four kittens in our house, so we ended up fostering all of them.

One of my other friends visited our apartment and decided to adopt one of the other kittens who was very calm and sweet. I ended up begging my parents to let me get little Tigger (at that point my dad really hated cats-but don’t worry, once he actually met Tigger that changed), and after a lot of tough persuading, I ended up adopting Tigger! I feel like she and I have similar personalities-we like to be around people but hate when all the attention is on us. We also tend to be more on the athletic side and love to be outside (or in her case, by a screen door).

Meet Ferb, Tigger’s sister. They have VERY different personalities.

I actually now room with the person who adopted Ferb (and who has another cat named Lexa), so there’s plenty of cats in my apartment. They definitely keep my life interesting, and I’m glad we were able to give the cats a nice home.


While we are on the topic of pets, I wanted to share a cool app that I discovered the other day called Heads and Tails. It was created by Petco, and apparently if you post a selfie with your pet and get 100 likes within 30 days, you are eligible to receive a $25 gift card to Petco (plus they donate money to the Petco Foundation as well)! I can’t guarantee that it works yet (I’m supposed to be getting my gift card in January), but I’d say it’s worth a shot! It’s gotten great reviews and besides, it allows you to look through cute pictures of pets and their owners!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about how I adopted my cat! There’s so many animals out there without homes, so adoption is so much better than buying animals from a breeder/store. I kind of failed the whole fostering-without-falling-in-love thing, but I’m happy with how it turned out!

Questions for you: Do you have any pets? Or have you ever fostered before?


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