Hobbies to Start in 2018


Hello everyone! I feel like I tend to love many different things. For the past few months, I unfortunately spent my time rushing between my two jobs to the point where I felt like I really wasn’t doing anything that I actually like. Now that I quit my second job (I might get less money which sucks, but I’d rather spend my time doing things I enjoy), I’ll have a lot more time to spend on hobbies! I also have a lot of exciting things to look forward to this year (Quidditch Regionals and possibly World Cup?) which will hopefully inspire me to work on more of these items on my list.

Anyways, here’s a masterlist of hobbies that I would like to work on/get involved in for 2018. As someone who loves to make lists, I figured compiling some that I’ve already started and some I’d like to get into would be a good idea. Maybe I might come across one you’ve never previously thought of, or perhaps you have some similar areas that you’d like to work on!

1) Blogging

I recently started this blog, so it’s no surprise that I’m interested in getting more involved with it. Improving my content, photos, social media, layout, etc. are a part of the improvements I wish to focus on. If you’d like to see my blog goals expanded upon, I actually have a post about it here.

2) Photography

I honestly just want to bring my camera everywhere (okay, maybe not everywhere-definitely not to work). These past few months I’ve been taking more photos of animals and sports; hopefully I can expand my subjects. I might pick up some filters and maybe a wide/macro lens with Christmas gift cards to experiment with. I also want to improve photo editing, although unfortunately my student subscription with Adobe ran out now that I don’t have a student email.

3) Quidditch

One interesting thing about me is that I love weird sports that most people haven’t heard of (like this one and the next activity on this list). Quidditch is one that I played all throughout college, and now I’m on a community team. This is the first year where the league separated the college and community teams which really sucks (that means less competition for community teams AND less spots available to get into World Cup), but I’m hoping to improve my skills to better help my team. It’s kind of rough being a girl in a full-contact, co-ed sport and I’m not sure if I’ve felt at home with my new team, but I’d like to work on both my skills and my confidence (along with befriending my team a little better).

4) Disc Golf

My friend introduced me to disc golf at the beginning of the summer (then right after I had to get 13 stitches in my knee so I had to lay low for a couple of weeks). As a competitive person, this game can really get on my nerves. It probably doesn’t help that, again, I mainly play with guys so my scores are always a bit lower than them (plus my lack of experience and knowledge about the game probably adds to that too). I’m hoping this year I can practice more and maintain more of a level head. This way, I can learn more from my mistakes and keep going even if I make a bad throw at one basket.

5) Guitar

I took guitar lessons a long, long time ago (when I was a junior in high school). My guitar has been standing idly in my closet ever since, and I might try getting back into it this year. Luckily with the lessons and my experience playing clarinet in band, I still recognize a lot from the sheet music aspect to it. It’s just hard to get my fingers positioned correctly and to switch between chords/notes.

6) Writing

I have a hard time getting myself to write. I always feel inspired when I’m at work or somewhere where I don’t necessarily have access to a computer or paper. Then when I come home, I’m unmotivated and don’t feel like writing. Or get distracted with something else. Maybe this year I can find some time to sit down and start writing again.

7) Filming

I want to start a YouTube channel for a variety of reasons. When I had some rough patches in high school, I ended up watching YouTube videos and was inspired by them. This led me to get my DSLR camera in order to hopefully start my own channel, but I never really did (I’ve really enjoyed messing around with my camera though so it ended up being a good investment). I also think making videos improves my social skills. As an introvert it’s occasionally hard for me to be outgoing in front of people, but I actually kind of like talking to a camera. Weird, huh?

8) Yoga

I can get frustrated/irritated more easily than I would like. Yoga seems like an interesting way to take your mind off things and calm yourself, so I might see if I could incorporate some yoga into my day. I haven’t read too much into it, but it does appear to have a few health benefits. Plus, I’ve never been very flexible, so practicing yoga could help me out with that.

9) Painting

I love painting canvas’ of animals (or just sketching them). There are plenty of mediums to paint, so I’d like to test out a few that I’m not as familiar with, like watercolor. My cat loves to watch me paint, so I’m sure she would approve of me spending my time this way.

Obviously, this was a fairly long list of hobbies. I probably won’t end up focusing heavily on all of them, but even if I select a few I’d be pretty proud of myself. Who knows, it might help me get a better idea of what I’m passionate about, which is something I’ve been struggling with since I graduated from college.

What type of hobbies do you enjoy? Are there any interesting ones that you want to try out next year?


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