Snow Day Ideas


Hello everyone; I hope you’re doing well! Since I witnessed my first snow of the year last week, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite snow day activities. I know that I tend to get bored easily when I’m stuck inside (and if it’s snowing and work gets canceled, I want to have fun!), but these ideas help me stay entertained.

Also, side note, I don’t live in an area that gets a lot of snow, so when it actually does, everyone goes crazy. In addition, most of the items on this list can be enjoyed better with a friend who lives nearby or a roommate!

Play in the snow

As soon as the snow accumulates on the ground, I’m normally racing outside. There’s a park in walking distance from my house, so I like to walk there to see the snow. There’s lots of fun snow activities to partake in, like snowball fights, sledding, snow angels, and building snow men. I also love taking my camera out to capture all the snow everywhere!


This one is great if you have a long list of books on your want-to-read list. Sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up in a blanket (maybe with some tea or hot chocolate) reading a good book. Even if you’re stuck at home, your mind doesn’t have to be.

Watch a movie

Find a fun movie to watch, or perhaps binge watch a new TV show on Netflix. It’s not like you can run around or go to the gym, so it’s fine if you finish a whole TV series right?

Play video games

I’m not going to lie, the day after we got snow, my friend and I braved the winter weather to venture to Gamestop to purchase some new games. We left with more than we probably needed, but we had a blast playing them the rest of the evening. Some of my favorites that we bought was Overwatch and Life is Strange.


Take out some pencils and/or paint and see what you can create! Or if you’re not super artsy, you can always pull out a coloring book and color a few of the pages!

Clean and organize

While this might not be a fun option, it’ll allow you to catch up on any chores you needed to do around the house. You can organize your planner, wash dishes, do the laundry, vacuum, etc. and then you’ll be nice and organized when the snow melts and your routine gets back on track.

Listen to music

Snow days are perfect for listening to your favorite tunes or for finding a new playlist to listen to. You can even dance around to the beat if you’re tired of sitting around!


Thanks for reading, and no matter what you do during snow days, make sure you stay safe!

What do you like to do when you’re stuck inside due to winter weather?





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