My January Book List


I posted a to-be-read list last month, and it actually helped keep me on track, leading me to finish most of my list! I figured I might as well make a list every month to motivate me to read; this also allows me to make sure that I read books from a variety of genres. Sorry if my list for January has too much sequels…I’m currently in the process of reading a ton of series at the moment. Anyways, here are the books that I aim to read this month!

Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab

I read the first book in the ‘Monsters of Verity’ series, ‘This Savage Song’, a few months ago. When I finally found this book on sale on my kindle, I was excited. It takes place in a world with different types of monsters. August Flynn is one that refrains from hurting people, and in this book he becomes a leader. Kate Harper hunts monsters. In this book, apparently a new type of monster is found that creates a problem for the two characters. I’m interested to see how August and Kate work together this time!

The Sting of the Wild by Justin O. Schmidt

Since I became a certified beekeeper last spring, I love learning more about the little insects. This book is about all types of stinging insects, and it even has a Schmidt Sting Pain Index that measures the author’s pain when stung. I think it’s fascinating that someone would go so far as letting eighty-three insects sting him, so I’m looking forward to see what the author has to share.

Healing Signs: The Astrological Guide to Wholeness and Well Being by Ronnie Gale Dreyer

This book talks about how different astrological signs can influence physical and mental health. I identify a lot with my horoscope sign (I’m an Aquarius), so I ‘m interested in seeing if any of the qualities listed for my sign pertain to me.

A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin

I actually finished ‘A Feast of Crows’, so it looks like I’m finally on the last book (that’s currently released)! This book features the characters that I tend to like a bit more (Daenerys, Tyrion, Jon), so I’m looking forward to reading this. Then, I’m finally going to finish watching the TV series.

Henry IV Part I & II by William Shakespeare

I wanted to read this work from Shakespeare for a while now, so why not do it now? My list was missing some type of classic anyway.

What books are on your to-be-read list for January?


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