The Struggles of Being A College Graduate


I had a miserable time through high school, so my main goal in college was to have a good one. I managed to do that, but for me, that meant that I didn’t get involved in my major as much as I should have. I did volunteer a handful of times, but I mainly played quidditch on the weekends and worked during my free time to actually pay for college expenses (most internships that I was presented with were unpaid).

I graduated last spring, and I’ve literally done nothing with my degree. You can say it’s been a struggle, but I also know some people who go through college who experience the same post-grad feelings. If you are one of these people, you’re not alone (or maybe it’s just me and this post won’t resonate with anyone but that’s okay)! And if you’re freaking out about graduating in the near future, don’t worry! You could end up as one of the wonderful people who have their life together and immediately go on to do awesome things (or maybe not incredible, but a step in the right direction).

Anyways, here are some of the hardships that I’ve experienced these past few months:

All of your family/friends ask about what you want to do with your life 24/7

Yep, I still have no idea to the disappointment of my family. It’s also awkward when you see an old friend who asks what you’re doing with your life and you have to say that you’ve been doing pretty much nothing. I have a lot of hobbies that I could make money with on the side though, do they count?

Browsing through job opportunities but finding out that the interesting ones are far, far away 

Some places could be cool to live, but the area isn’t ideal. Plus, some opportunities do provide housing but probably wouldn’t allow my cat; this would present a HUGE problem.

Looking at your bank account and being depressed 

I’m probably a bit more timid than I should be, and my current job is hesitant to give raises that employees actually deserve. With expenses like rent, utilities, gas, food, etc., it would be really nice if I made more. I tried having two jobs but that just made me hate my life. I’d rather have freedom than money I guess.

Having no clue as to what you actually want to do

Oh look, that job looks related to my major. It also looks like it would be completely horrible, and I don’t have any experience whatsoever anyways.

Considering going back to school, but would that really solve anything if you don’t even know if your major is suited for you?

No, probably not. Plus, that would likely cost more money which I don’t have.

Doing anything you can not to move back home because you love having freedom from your parents

While I would love to save money, I don’t think I could do it. I am one of the most private people on this earth, so it would not work out if my parents constantly questioned what I was doing.

Wondering why all your post-grad friends who are in the same boat as you still want to get drunk and go out every weekend

I am an introvert, so while this can be fun every once in a while, I find it pointless to do it every single week. Also do you know how expensive it can be when you add up Ubers, drinks, cover fees, and food? Pretty expensive and pretty unnecessary.

Hopefully this post didn’t seem too negative, I just wanted to share my experiences since graduating and to say that if you’re experiencing similar things, you’re not alone! I’d also gratefully accept any advice from anyone who’s more successful than I am. Thanks for reading!

What experiences have you had after graduating college?



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