My Top 5 Video Games


Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share the top five games that I’ve been playing lately. While I don’t play video games all the time (I have too many hobbies to be honest), I enjoy sitting down and playing every so often. I also have roommates who are more of gamers than I am, so I’m exposed to a variety of them. I’ve limited the games in this post to PS4 games, although some are on other consoles as well. The majority of these are  two-player because my roommates got me into it, so be prepared.

Anyways, here are my top five PS4 games!

5. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

I always loved playing this game on a phone app, so I enjoy playing the two-player mode with friends. This version of the game has more of a shooter-style where you and a friend can each control a plant, and you also have the option to plant more by your base. You get points that you can use to get more plants to use in the future.

4. Life is Strange

My roommates and I only played the first episode since it was free at the time, but this game was so cool! It’s a tell-tale game where you make decisions as the main character. She also has this ability to rewind time, so you can undo any choices you just made to see what other reactions there might be. It’s just like a movie!

3. Injustice 2

I loved playing the original Injustice game for the PS3, and this is no exception. I beat the story mode immediately, and I was surprised that characters like Harley Quinn were actually on the ‘good’ side while my other favorites like Wonder Woman drove me crazy. This is also really fun to battle against friends.

2. Until Dawn

You guys, this game is crazy. If you love being terrified, you need to play this. Like Life is Strange, this is a tell-tale game, so you have to make choices for the characters to advance the story. The game follows a group of young adults who are vacationing at a cabin that’s reallllllly creepy. I don’t want to spoil anything more than that. I haven’t even gotten that far and I’ve already screamed a few times (I’m a wimp and it was late at night). I don’t even know if the scary stuff is paranormal or just a psychotic human yet.

1. Overwatch

At first, I was concerned about playing Overwatch because this game is played completely online. Personally I am not an avid gamer, so I feared that I would irritate all of the other players with my lack of skill. Luckily I decided not to care. Besides, I think I might be improving. I love all of the character choices in this game, but I’ve mainly been playing as D. Va.

Do you play any video games? Which ones are your favorite?

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