February 2018 Favorites


Wow, it’s crazy how fast the year has been going by! It’s already spring break for me (even though it’s cold). February wasn’t too eventful (I mainly worked 24/7), but I still had a few favorites.


Alabama Road Trip

Okay, so this trip didn’t go as well as planned, but I wanted to include it anyways. I went to Alabama for quidditch regionals. It was my first time being in Alabama, and let me tell you, I am not eager to return anytime soon. It rained the whole time, so I literally got to play in puddles of cold mud (of course I dived right into it at the beginning of the first game). We ended up only playing four out of the nine games, which isn’t ideal for the nine hour drive we had to get there. At least my team had fun walking to the O’Charley’s next to the hotel afterwards where I filled up on bread and margaritas (and salad too).


Urban Decay Lipstick

This stuff is amazing. I found one of these lipsticks on the clearance rack at Ulta a while back, and it’s my favorite. I splurged on a new shade, Shame, and I absolutely love it. When I go out, everyone always comments on how my lipstick stays on forever.


Used Books

While I haven’t been able to do much reading this month, I found a lot of great deals at restores/used book stores (check out my post about it here). I also ended up finding two more books, “The Keeper of Lost Things” by Ruth Hogan and “The Secret History of Wonder Woman” by Jill Lepore. I’m looking forward to reading them!


My friend suggested that I listen to Fletcher, and I am so glad that I did. I’ve been playing “You Should Talk” on repeat. “Wasted Youth” and “Princess” are some of my other favorites, although the rest of her songs are great too.



Walks in Nature

Even though it’s still technically winter, February had some nice weather. There’s a park nearby my apartment, and I was able to walk around on my rare days off. There’s also a lot of turtles that like to hang out there, and we were able to hold a cute little one!

Thanks for reading! What were your favorites in February?


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