Spring Break Adventures


Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts/activity lately; my schedule has been quite chaotic. Plus, my computer has been having a lot of issues which has been driving me crazy.

Since I work on campus, however, I did get a spring break around two weeks ago where I had some time to catch up on a few things! I relaxed the majority of the time, but I still really enjoyed it.


Partied Hard

Maybe not too hard,but my friends from work and I started off our break by going out (we had just gotten paid). We all had a good time hanging out downtown. Plus, I got to dress up a little bit. It was nice seeing everyone out of their work uniform!


Relaxed with the Cats

My roommates left for the first weekend, so for the first time since I lived with them, I got to have the place to myself! It was so nice, I hung out with all the cats the whole time. I also set up a cozy little work area in our living room since I knew I wouldn’t get disrupted.


Tried a New Recipe

Someone told me to try a recipe that consists of a baked avocado with tomatoes and cilantro. As an avid avocado lover, I loved it. It probably would’ve tasted better with more veggies, like peppers or something.

Watched Jessica Jones

A new season of Jessica Jones is out! I’m terribly behind on TV shows (I haven’t even watched the other Marvel ones on Netflix), but I was hyped about Jessica Jones (the trailer even had a song from The Pretty Reckless)! I haven’t finished the new season yet, but I’m a little over halfway through. I’m looking forward to finishing it!


Hung Out Around a Bonfire

The weather for spring break wasn’t ideal; with the cold air and wind, I unfortunately stayed bundled up indoors most of the week. My friend did have a small bonfire at her place, which was a great way to stay warm while being outside.

Got a Bid for Nationals

My quidditch team played a few games against another community team in order to fulfil our requirements for World Cup (there was going to be two other teams, but they ended up not showing up/not being able to play for the most part). We ended up winning all the games, which boosted our ranking as well. It’s been officially announced now that my team is going to World Cup next month in Texas! This will be my first World Cup that I’ll be playing in since I started quidditch 5 years ago, so I’m realllllly excited!

Even if you didn’t have spring break, what have been your highlights of the past few weeks?

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