Being an Aquarius


Growing up, my grandma had these wooden astrology decorations in the hallway next to the guest room I stayed in. She only had those that belonged to her children (so there wasn’t an Aquarius one), but I still thought that they were cool and enjoyed reading them. Since then, I’ve been fascinated with horoscopes and love to read things about my sign, the Aquarius. I’ve actually been reading ‘Healing Signs: The Astrological Guide to Wholeness and Well-Being’ by Ronnie Gale Dreyer on my Kindle lately, and it’s been interesting to learn more about all of the signs!

Aquarius (the Water Bearer) is a fixed air sign, including people who are born between January 20th-February 18th. Air signs (also including Libras and Gemini) tend to focus on communication and spreading ideas. Since Aquarius’ are also a fixed sign, however, they tend to be more stubborn and moody than the other air signs.

Along with positive personality traits, Aquarius’ have negative aspects to them as well. A lot of traits also can be viewed as both good and bad, so I made a list of some altogether:

Aquarius Traits

  • humanitarian
  • creative
  • friendly
  • independent
  • honest
  • idealistic
  • disciplined
  • rebellious
  • neurotic
  • detached
  • eccentric
  • stubborn
  • unpredictable

I know horoscopes aren’t 100% accurate, but I identify with a lot of these traits. I have many friends who are Aquarius’ as well, and I feel like I am more similar to those who are born in January as opposed to February. In the ‘Healing Signs’ guide I mentioned earlier, they nicknamed the Aquarius as ‘The High Strung Humanitarian’. This made sense to me because I’m always trying to take on projects and want to get involved in issues that make a difference.

Apparently each sign also rules certain parts of the body, and Aquarius’ are said to rule ankles, shins, veins, and the circulatory system. So we’re more prone to problems with ankles, nervous disorders, varicose veins, etc. I don’t know if I have specifically had any ailments relating to these, but I thought this was interesting to think about.


Sorry if you’re not an Aquarius and this post didn’t appeal as much to you; I still love learning about other signs though, so feel free to mention some of the traits you relate to with your sign! I might do more horoscope inspired posts in the future and would love to involve others. I also love meeting fellow Aquarius’, so feel free to leave a comment if you’re one too!

Also, as a disclaimer, I’m not an expert. I learned all of this information from a variety of sources: the Daily Horoscope app for my phone, Instagram accounts such as @classicaquarius, the book “Healing Signs: The The Astrological Guide to Wholeness and Well-Being’ by Ronnie Gale Dreyer, and websites such as Horoscope Compatibility and Astrology Signs. Check them out for more info if you’re interested!

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