Lush Favorites


Last summer, I finally gave in to all of the hype that I’ve heard about Lush and splurged big time. I was on vacation in Charleston, and I came back with a huge bag of items. Ever since, I’ve been addicted.

The store might have higher prices than other places, but I don’t mind paying a little more. The products smell good and typically last a while (except maybe bath bombs). They’re also sustainable as the majority of their products don’t even have packaging (online shopping has more, but they even list different ways to recycle/reuse their products on the package). Lush also has a recycling program where you can receive a free face mask if you turn in five empty (and clean!) Lush containers. Plus, the company supports a variety of causes, such as banning shark finning, LGBT rights, women’s rights, and more! Everything they sell is cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian as well (some are completely vegan too!).

 If you’re a Lush fan (or if you’re a newbie), here’s a list of my favorite products so far! I’ve included my favorites for each type of product, so if you’re looking for anything specific, feel free to skip to the section you need!


My friend recommended Lush shampoo/conditioner bars to me, and at first, I was skeptical. How could these little bars be worth the money, especially since I have long, wild hair? I decided to give them a shot, and I’m glad I did! They lather up my hair pretty well, and they last a few months. Plus, they’re more sustainable as they don’t require a bottle to hold them.

  • Jason and the Argan Oil (shampoo) – Rose jam scent, helps strengthen/soften hair
  • Seanik (shampoo) – Salty/ocean scent, helps volume
  • Brazilliant (shampoo) – Citrusy scent, helps manages thick/curly hair
  • Jungle (conditioner) – Tropical scent, helps tame hair
  • Big (conditioner) – Jasmine/vanilla scent, helps with volume/shine

Face Masks

I love face masks, and Lush’s are no exception. Whenever I visit a Lush store, I try to get a sample of a new face mask to sample.

  • Mask of Magnaminty – Minty scent, exfoliates/moisturizes skin
  • Oatifix -Oatmeal scent, softens/moisturizes skin
  • Cup of Coffee – Coffee scent, wakes up skin

Bubble Bars

I love Lush’s bubble bars! I feel like they’re more reusable than the bath bombs (plus lots more bubbles!), so I tend to use these instead.

  • The Comforter – Sweet, fruity scent
  • Pink Flamingo – Sweet scent
  • Man in the Moon -Citrusy, fruity scent


Suprisingly, I haven’t tried a lot of Lush’s bath bombs, so I decided to put my favorite in this category along with other miscellaneous things that I’ve enjoyed.

  • Scrubee (body butter)Bee shaped (so cute!), vanilla scent, exfoliates/moisturizes skin
  • Intergalactic (bath bomb) – Peppermint scent
  • Hottie (massage bar) – Spicy scent, feels great/warming on skin

Do you shop at Lush? What are your favorite products? I know there’s a lot of Lush items that I haven’t tried yet, so I’d love to know what I should add to my wish list!

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