Adopting Scooby


If you follow me on Twitter, you might have already heard the news: I adopted a dog named Scooby! He’s a 4 -year-old hound who has a lot of energy and loves people!


I adopted him from a local rescue organization that sets up on weekends at the Petco in my town. It’s actually the same organization where I fostered/adopted my cat, Tigger! They told us that they found Scooby as a stray. They also suspected that he might’ve belonged to a hunter who let him go when the season ended (poor little guy!). His ear is even ripped (it’s healed, but split a little at the bottom) from running around in wooded areas, and he’s more on the underweight side (not on purpose, believe me-he loves food!).

Anyways, he’s so sweet! It hasn’t been long since I’ve adopted him, but he has been very clingy and loves to follow me and my roommates around the house. He’s also incredibly friendly; if he goes to sniff a dog outside, he’ll immediately go up to their owner after he sniffs the dog. Sometimes he gets too excited, so it’s currently difficult to walk him in parks where there’s lots of people.


He’s still getting house trained and tends to yank on the leash when he’s outside, but he’s learning! He also chases the cats around the house-Tigger in particular since she loves to run around. Hopefully he’ll get used to her and stop scaring her.

I’m so glad that I was able to find Scooby! I actually saw him at Petco on Saturday, then I went to my apartment with the intent to sleep on it. I arrived the next day and saw that Scooby was still there, so I couldn’t say no. Now I have a new buddy to go on adventures with, and Scooby has a new home!


Thanks for reading about Scooby! Do you have any pets? What kind?

11 thoughts on “Adopting Scooby

    • Thank you! And that’s a good question (seems like a nice blog post idea). I would tell new pet owners to make sure they’re patient with their pets…they might’ve been trained differently (or not all) prior to their adoption, and it’ll take some time before they get used to their new home. Also, make sure that you have everything you need (cages/crates, food, toys, treats) and try to spend a lot of time with your new pet when you first adopt them. It’s also good to do research on the pet/breed and look for books/blogs/friends who can give you advice on how to take care of them.


  1. So so so cute!! I would love to have a dog, we are hoping our new landlord will allow us to get a puppy! So glad you are having such an amazing time with Scooby 🙂

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  2. Aw seeing dogs being rescued makes me feel so happy! He’s definitely going to be living the life now haha! Hope it goes well! Cannot wait to get my own dog in the future x

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