Adventures in Austin


Last month, I traveled to Austin, TX. This was my first time in Texas, and it was quite a fun adventure! We were there a little less than a week, but we still found a lot of interesting things to do!

US Quidditch World Cup

This was the reason I traveled to Texas. As predicted, my team did not do very well and lost all of our games. This was my first time actually competing in World Cup, however, and it was so exciting! Since we didn’t advance to bracket, we were able to watch games instead. They were intense! The majority of our Uber/Lyft drivers had actually heard about the quidditch cup previously and wanted to go for a little bit when they weren’t working. It was really cool to hear that a few people outside of the quidditch community had heard about the event and wanted to attend!


Coffee Food Truck?!

There’s normally a handful of food trucks at World Cups (sometimes even at regionals), but I never saw any that were Harry Potter related. This time, I found a huge ‘coffee’ sign on a truck and had to take a closer look; it was actually called Kings Cross Coffee! I tried the ‘Dementor’s Kiss’ iced coffee, and it was pretty amazing. If you’re ever in the Texas area, I would recommend checking them out. They’re also on Facebook and Instagram too!



Our first hotel was alright. We were supposed to have four people in our room (my ex-boyfriend dropped out leaving us at three people), but we were only provided with a single person couch pull-out and a huge bed (that I guess was supposed to fit three people?). That hotel was chosen by our captain from a list of hotels from USQ, so we had to check out once the event was over.

Luckily, one of the friends I was traveling with knows someone who works at the Hilton. We were able to spend the rest of our trip at a super fancy hotel! It actually cost us less than the first one, yet it was soooo much cooler. There was even a Keurig coffee maker.


My little town has few options when it comes to restaurants that market themselves as vegan/vegetarian. It’s normally fine with me, but I get so excited when there’s places with multiple food options to eat.

True Food Kitchen was an awesome restaurant with great vegan/vegetarian options. Even my non-vegetarian friends loved it (I unintentionally made them vegetarian for a day; it was great). We ate outside on the patio where they allowed dogs (there were so many cute ones)! We were all nerding out with our World Cup volunteer shirts from the day before, and the waitress even said that someone who works there would’ve loved to meet us as she was a huge Harry Potter fan.


Last but not  least, we even found a comfort food vegan food truck! It’s called Arlo’s, and everything on it was practically vegan junk food. I tried their tacos and I was so happy (although kind of sad because we had to pass a ton of homeless people to get there).



This is where most of the food listed above came from. We walked around downtown, and then we ended up on Sixth Street because so many people told us it was the place to be at night. We actually just bar hopped and got tipsy earlier in the afternoon, but it was still pretty fun. I even found a Scooby Snack shot at one of the bars (irish cream, coconut rum, melon liqueur-actually a weird combination).


Austin Zoo

I hadn’t been to a zoo in ages, so boy did I have fun here! The best part? All the animals at this zoo are rescues, so they come from people who had tried to keep the animal as a pet, labs, other zoos (like the one in Houston damaged by the hurricane), etc. There were monkeys, wolves, foxes, cougars, lions, goats, ostriches, and more!



Have you ever been to Austin? What were your experiences there?

11 thoughts on “Adventures in Austin

  1. I have recently moved to Austin and a die hard Harry Potter fan/fanatic. I just can not get enough of the Harry Potter world. The Quidditch World Cup !!!! WOOOOWWWWW ❤
    Thanks for sharing the vegan food options here in Austin. I am a vegetarian myself and yet on my way to discover more and better vegan eateries.
    I would love to hear more Harry Potter stuff from you.
    You can look me up at

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      • I was just discussing with my husband about this, that no matter what we are gonna make sure that we are at the event next year. Thanks a lot for the info ☺️


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