What I’m Watching on Netflix


With summer right around the corner, I have more free time to use my Netflix account! There are quite a few series that I’m currently working on (I am so far behind), plus there’s a few that I would love to start. The majority are TV shows, but I do have some movies and documentaries on my list as well.

1) Friends (TV)

In the past, I would occasionally watch Friends episodes when they would come on TV. Now I’m committed to watch all of them. So far, I’m on season four. Out of ten seasons, but don’t worry, I’ll watch them all eventually.

2) Broadchurch (TV)

This show can get a bit crazy sometimes (the first two seasons were about one case, the third starts a different one), but it’s really interesting. It also has David Tennant which is a plus.

3) A Series of Unfortunate Events (TV)

I read the series when I was younger and loved the first season, so I’m excited to watch season two! I think Neil Patrick Harris does an excellent job as Count Olaf.

4) Stranger Things (TV)

I watched the first season, but not the second. I feel like everyone’s always talking about this show though, so I’d love to catch up and see what happens next!

5) The Fall (TV)

My former roommate who was obsessed with X-Files (which I also need to finish watching) introduced me to this show. Gillian Anderson stars as a lead detective who’s trying to find a serial killer. It’s quite an interesting show so far!

6) The Kissing Booth (movie)

This looked like a cute movie, so why not watch it? I came across the trailer while I was looking through upcoming movies, and it’s about a girl who crushes on her best friend’s brother.

7) Midnight in Paris (movie)

Okay, so I actually own this on DVD. This is solely included on this list because you should take advantage of this movie now being on Netflix. I think it says it’s a romantic comedy, but it also features going back in time in Paris to meet writers like Ernest Hemingway (and Tom Hiddleston is F. Scott Fitzgerald sooo…).

8) Chasing Coral (documentary)

I didn’t know Netflix had so many originals that are documentaries! This one shows the importance of coral and how climate change is impacting it.

9) Mission Blue (documentary)

I love the ocean, so I feel like I’d love watching this documentary about trying to save it. This story follows marine biologist/oceanographer/environmentalist Sylvia Earle in particular, and I’ve heard one of her TED Talks before. She seems like a really cool person, so I can’t wait to see what she has to say in this documentary.

10) Tales by Light (documentary)

I came across this series while looking at the other two documentaries on this list, and I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this before! I love exploring and taking pictures, and this series is about photographers from all over the world.

What have you been watching on Netflix (or anywhere really) lately? I could always use some new recommendations!


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