Journal Ideas

Who else is addicted to journals? There are so many designs out there-Disney, horoscopes, nature, quotes, superheroes-that I tend to buy more notebooks than I need (especially now that I’m out of school). In the past, I used my journals solely as a diary type of thing, but lately I’ve found so many different ways to utilize them!


  • Diary

Of course, this is probably the most common use for journals. Chronicling your thoughts, feelings, etc. about daily event can be relaxing, promote self-awareness, and can be interesting to look back on later in your life.

  • Quotes

I love reading quotes, so I now have a small journal dedicated to them. Anytime I see a quote that resonates with me, I put it in the journal. It can be a nice source of inspiration when you look back on it.

  • Book Reviews

This helps me process my thoughts and feelings about books after I’ve read them. It also allows me to summarize what I’ve read. This makes it easier to type up book reviews later and see what writing styles/techniques I enjoy the most.

  • Recipes

This is one idea that I haven’t done yet, but you could fill a notebook with recipes that you enjoy. It would be like a cookbook, but it’d only have your top recipes inside. I feel like recipe cards are easy to misplace, but I’ve never actually used them.

  • Writing/Blogging Ideas

You can jot down creative ideas in your journal depending on what hobbies you enjoy. If you like writing, poetry, music, blogging, filming, designs, etc., you can devote a journal to projects that you would like to work on in the near future.

  • To Do List

If you don’t have an agenda (or even if you do), you can use a journal to write down the tasks you want to accomplish. I tend to write these on longer sticky notes, but it would be more organized in a journal.

  • Budgeting

If you want to keep track of your money, why not have a notebook for it? You can fill it with your budget, income, bills, etc.

Depending on the size of the journal, you could even combine a couple of these ideas into one! If you do decide to divide it, you can always use paperclips or small sticky notes to divide each section. I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!

Do you like to collect journals? What do you use them for?

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