Moving Tips


Hello everyone! It’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been busy moving into a new apartment! I’m still living in the same area, but I have a different roommate and apartment complex.

Last week, I finally finished moving everything into my new apartment and turned in my keys to my old one. While I did have some good times at my old apartment, I feel more motivated and inspired in my new place. I have more room and closet space, plus my internet actually works well (which is such good news for my blogging life)!

Last year I lived with two guys, and this year I’ll be living with a girl. I’m looking forward to this change because while the guys were alright, I couldn’t stand the messes they left everywhere. They also partied more frequently than I like to (we have mutual friends so I felt more obligated to join them), and I personally like to attend parties instead of hosting them all.

Although I may not be an expert at moving, I do have a few tips that I would like to share with anyone who is planning on moving soon!

Get plenty of boxes

Boxes are the easiest method of transporting items. Since I work in the food industry, I brought some home from work. I believe most food/retail places would give you any boxes they have lying around if you asked them, and you can also purchase boxes online from Amazon.

Pack things in advance

If you start packing before you have to move, you can keep your boxes organized. Plus, then you will only have to worry about moving your things when you get your new place. This makes it a lot easier than moving them AND packing them.

Make a checklist of any files you need to move in

I made sure to have a chat with my apartment about what I needed to do prior to moving in. While I’m not familiar with moving into a house, apartments typically require renter’s insurance, electricity, and proof of income. Most places also want the first month of rent paid before they hand over your keys. If you have pets, they’ll normally ask for the pet fee and vaccine documents as well.

Ask friends to help 

I’ve found that a lot of guys can be bribed with beer and food (especially when they’re in their 20’s). It’s always nice to have an extra hand when moving, so you should see if anyone you know is available to help (especially with furniture/larger boxes).

Move the larger things first

This might be more of a preference, but I personally like to get all of the big furniture pieces and boxes out of the way first. This way, you’ll get to look forward to smaller boxes afterwards and you can already have your furniture set in the room.

Jam out to some music

I might just be obsessed with music, but I found it more enjoyable to listen to music while I was packing and moving things out to my car. It lightens the mood a little bit, you know?

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m thinking of doing some sort of apartment tour once I get all of my things organized, so keep an eye out for that! 

Have any of you had to move lately? What tips would you give to people who are moving soon?



3 thoughts on “Moving Tips

  1. I hate the packing, but I love unpacking and organizing a new place! Another moving tip? Downsize. I find that I throw out or can donate quite a bit. It’s amazing how quickly one can accumulate unnecessary things!

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