July Highlights


I’m one of those people who ends up working the summer away, and July was a prime example of that. I had many things on my to do list, so I basically took a mini-hiatus from this blog in order to sort out my life. Since I took care of so many things this month, however, I should be able to have more free time in the future!

July Accomplishments

  • Moved into a new apartment. If you read my previous post, you know I’ve recently moved into a new place. Apartment searching, signing a lease, packing, picking up my keys, moving…it’s been a lot of work. I’m finally settling in and I love my new apartment so far!
  • Earned a promotion. I started working at a sandwich shop this summer, and I have already been asked to become a shift leader! I appreciated the promotion as my last job gave me all the extra responsibilities without a new title or a pay raise (needless to say my ‘summer’ job is now my main job).
  • Finally took care of ‘adult’ things. I put off so many things this year, but I finally made it to the dentist, got my cat her vaccinations, and registered my car.
  • Got a new pair of glasses! This goes along with my last statement, but I ordered a new pair of glasses and some more contacts! Last year, I ended up procrastinating on contacts to the point where I had to wear my glasses 24/7. I’m glad I didn’t wait that long this year! I was also happy to get a new pair of glasses, especially since I  scratched up my old pair to the point that I could barely see out of them. I also had my old pair of glasses for the past three years, so it has been nice to wear a new style.


July Favorites

  • Thor: Ragnorak
    • I’ve found that this is more of an unpopular opinion, but I love the Thor movies! Since this was on Netflix (plus I’ve watched the other two Thor’s within the past couple of months), I decided to rewatch this one! It was my  first time watching it post-Infinity War so it was rough.
  • Friends
    • I’m on the last season of Friends! This Rachel-Joey-Ross love triangle thing is kind of messing me up, but it’s fine.
  • Wonder Woman Warbringer
    • I’m not sure if I love this young teenage Wonder Woman, but this book has been pretty enjoyable to read so far.
  • Her Universe
    • I love geeky clothing, and I rediscovered this shopping website this month (although I wish I had looked into it earlier). I try not to buy clothes often (I hate spending money and don’t want extra things I’m not going to use laying around), but I purchased a few things from the site (which I’ll probably share somewhere online when I receive it).
  • Songs I’ve Been Listening to: 

What I’m Looking Forward to in August

  • Retro Cup! While I’m not sure if I’m going to continue playing quidditch next year, I at least have this fantasy tournament (where everyone signs up individually and 4-5 captains draft teams for that tournament only) to look forward to! Especially since this is the only time I get to travel this summer, I’m excited!
  • Focusing more on blogging. I now have reliable Internet and more time to blog! I’m going to make a list of blog goals to motivate me to work hard on my blog. One things for sure…I would really like to get a domain for my blog in the near future!
  • Making videos. I’ve wanted to make YouTube videos for a while now, and this time I am seriously going to work at accomplishing this. I have more space in my apartment to film so it should be easier for me.

What were your July highlights? What are you looking forward to in August?

3 thoughts on “July Highlights

  1. I’m one of those people who is working the summer away, too! I saw a meme that said something like I’m sick of people going on vacation, get a job and be miserable like the rest of us. That’s honestly how I feel lol.

    I’ve never bought anything from Her Universe, but their clothing always looks so amazing ❤

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