Preparing for a Hurricane


Hello all! I’ve been trying to adjust to my new work schedule, but I finally have the weekend off to spend some time blogging thanks to Hurricane Florence.

For those of you who do not live on the East Coast of the US, there’s been a major hurricane brewing in the ocean. It was once estimated to hit my home of Wilmington, NC as a Category 4 or perhaps a Category 5 storm, but thankfully the hurricane weakened and is now a Category 2. The coasts of NC/SC are not in the clear yet, however, and we are about to see what the effects of the storm will be now that it’s approaching.

As for me, I evacuated further inland as both of my jobs closed down for the week. It was really weird leaving my apartment without knowing what I’ll come home to. I went to college in Wilmington and lived there for the past five years…I don’t want to see it destroyed. It’s a beautiful place to live and I have many fond memories from living there. Most of the people I know have evacuated as well, so thankfully I shouldn’t have to worry as much about the safety of my family/friends.

My family used to live in Florida when I was younger, but I never truly had to experience a major hurricane (that I can remember anyways). With all the information I received from my parents, jobs, and online, I have gathered a few tips in case any of you find yourself in a hurricane (or if you’re experiencing Hurricane Florence too).

Hurricane Tips

  • Charge up all electronics prior to the storm. This includes phones, flashlights, lanterns, backup batteries, etc. You can also charge up any entertainment such as laptops, handheld games, and kindles.
  • Have a plan to evacuate. Know where you can go and what you need to bring. THIS INCLUDES BRINGING YOUR PETS. Places can also run out of gas very quickly, so make sure you fill up your tanks as early as you can. Trust me, gas stations WILL run out of gas and the ones that do manage to stay in stock tend to have long lines of cars waiting to fill up their tanks.
  • Make sure you have enough food, water, and flashlights in case you get stuck without power. You can also fill your tub and any buckets with water so you can have some to flush toilets and what not. It is always best to be prepared for the worst.
  • Take any outdoor items inside. Or if you have any larger outdoor furniture, at least move them closer to your home and try to break them down however you can.
  • If you live on the first floor try to keep any valuables/important items higher up. Stack furniture and place things on top of shelves because there’s a chance your place might flood, which will ruin anything stored on the floor.
  • Stay tuned to updates on the storm. Check your phone, news, laptop, TV, weather radio, etc. so you can be aware of when the storm is expected to hit.
  • Stay indoors at home as the storm hits/until it’s safe. Even after the storm there can be fallen trees/power lines, flooding, and other hazards that can be harmful if you’re not cautious.

I hope everyone stays safe as Hurricane Florence hits us. If anyone needs anything let me know! I’m praying/sending good vibes to everyone in its path.

8 thoughts on “Preparing for a Hurricane

  1. Sucks it had to take a hurricane for you to get some free time! I have never experienced a hurricane. The closest I’ve been to one was when Harvey hit Houston last year and that’s a couple hours away. It was horrifying to see the aftermath, but wonderful to see so many people coming together to help. I’m glad N.C. started evacuations early. Stay safe and I hope you return back to your apartment the way you left it!

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