September Favorites


September was certainly a crazy month. Hurricane Florence hit the town I live in, and I’m still currently displaced due to the storm. While I missed having a consistent income, it was kind of nice to have a few weeks off of work. I was able to spend some time with my family and pets while working on my blog a little more. I also had more free time to read which doesn’t happen often.

The down side of the hurricane was all of the damage it caused. The storm didn’t affect me as much as most people, but I do have to transfer to a new apartment due to roof issues. I know a few people who ended up losing everything, and I feel terrible for them. There’s also downed trees everywhere along with some damaged buildings.

Anyways, despite all the craziness, I managed to find some fun things to occupy my time off. Here were some of my favorite moments!

Watched hockey.

My friend received some free tickets to a preseason hockey game, so she invited me to come along with her! It was the first professional game that I watched (I normally only go to college games). It was pretty exciting and wasn’t as cold as I expected!


Quidditch season started.

I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to play quidditch this year, but it looks like I’m going to be playing. My parents are against it because it’s ‘expensive’ and they think I can get hurt, but it honestly helps me let out some stress and I love being part of a team. Plus, I got to score the first two goals of the season for my team. My dog tagged along for the first tournament, and I think he enjoyed all the action and the amount of people who gave him attention.


Started a blog instagram.

I was hesitant to start an instagram for my blog because when I created an account, it immediately recommended all my friends on Facebook even though I used a separate email (plus my personal Instagram isn’t even connected to my Facebook either). I don’t know, I’m still unwilling to tell friends and family that I blog. Anyways, I’m still looking for some more cool accounts to follow, so feel free to check out my account! I’m @castlesandhurricanes.


Other Favorites

  • Books:

    • Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen: I love Sarah Dessen books! I was a quiet teenager who kept to myself and stayed out of the limelight, so I relate to her characters. Plus, the romances are pretty cute and innocent.
  • TV:

    • AHS Season 7 Cult: This season has more of a realistic element to it. It’s easier to convince people to join in and believe crazy ideas during a time when people are divided (like the election). I’m currently only half way through, but I can’t wait to finish watching!
  • Music:

    • Sorry for Writing All the Songs About You by Clara Mae
    • Gorgeous by Taylor Swift
    • Kill for You by Skylar Grey ft Eminem
    • Kiss Quick by Matt Nathanson

What were your September favorites? Are there any events you’re looking forward to in October?

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