Waking Up Early


Before the hurricane messed it up, I was getting used to my new schedule with two jobs. Unfortunately, it called for a lot of early mornings and late nights. I used to struggle a lot with waking up early enough for work. I would snooze my alarm as long as possible before jumping out of bed and quickly throwing on my work clothes and leaving the house. This year, however, I’ve been trying to end my habit of getting ready last minute by waking up with enough time to start my day off right.

Surprisingly, I was doing so well. Even while juggling two jobs, I never forgot anything or showed up late.

If you, like me, struggle with waking up in the mornings, here are a few tips to keep you moving! I’m by no means an expert as I’m more of a night owl, but hopefully these tips can help you out!

Play music.

Music helps wake me up. It’s nice to listen and sing along to in the mornings. Be mindful of any roommates or neighbors you might have though-blasting your music at high volume in the mornings will probably not go over well with them.

Leave enough time to eat/drink your favorite breakfast food or drink.

I am a bit of a coffee addict, so the thought of having a nice cold cup of coffee in the mornings helps get me out of bed. Obviously it’s less expensive and less wasteful to brew your own cup at home, but there’s always the option of buying coffee/food from a nearby coffee shop on your way to work as well.

Engage in a short activity you enjoy before heading out.

Personally, I’m more motivated to walk my dog instead of going to work, so I make sure I wake up with enough time to walk my dog around my apartment complex. If you don’t have a dog, there’s plenty of other activities that could inspire you to wake up earlier, such as working out, reading, writing, drawing, etc.

Get enough sleep the night before.

Getting enough sleep is important to staying healthy and feeling awake the next morning. I have trouble keeping up with this myself as I work two jobs, but I try to get sleep whenever I can.

Keep your alarm clock across the room.

If you keep your alarm clock (or your phone if you use that for an alarm) next to your bed, it’s easy to hit snooze and roll back to sleep. If you keep it away from you, however, it’ll probably wake you up a little more if you have to walk across the room to turn it off.

Prepare for the morning the night before.

Leave your clothes out and pack anything you need for the next day the night before. You can also try to put together/meal prep any breakfast or lunch items that you like to have. It’s easier to wake up when you know your mornings will go smoothly.

Do you have issues waking up early? What helps get you moving in the mornings?






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