October Favorites


October has been a crazy month that came with a lot of changes. I had plenty to deal with, including moving out, getting refunds, traveling to tournaments, looking for jobs, etc. Even though it was busy, I still managed to have fun! Here are my favorites from last month!

Moved out.

I was evicted from my apartment due to damages from Hurricane Florence, so I decided to pack up all of my things and move back in with my parents. While it’s not the most ideal situation, I no longer have to pay rent and can help out with my parents. I also have time to search for an ‘adult’ job, but it hasn’t been an easy process so far.


Took my pets to the vet.

My pets were overdue for a trip to the vet, so I took them to see the vet that my mom has been raving about (for good reason-her vet is awesome!). Scooby loved all the attention and treats, so he happily let the vet and her assistant do anything they needed to do. Tigger, on the other hand, had to get another appointment so that I could give her a pill to relax her prior to her visit. Vet offices are overwhelming for her and make her nervous. The pill did help calm her down the second time around though!


Dressing up with my pets.

I didn’t end up doing much for Halloween, so I decided to dress up with my pets. I reused my Velma costume and made a Scooby Doo tag for Scooby. Tigger was a cute little vampire! This was our first real family picture, and I think it turned out well.


Earned a bid for nationals.

Alright, technically this happened the very beginning of November, but I’m going to include it for my October favorites anyway. My team traveled up for regionals in Maryland the first weekend of November. The top three community teams received a bid to nationals (which are next spring), and my team managed to come in third place! This is the first time I’ve been on a team that earned a bid at regionals, so it was pretty exciting! I also feel like I’m actually part of the team this year, which is a pleasant change from last year (no hate to them-it’s just hard ‘clicking’ with a whole team, you know?).


Other Favorites

  • Books:

    • A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini: I loved The Kite Runner and And the Mountains Echoed, so I was bound to enjoy this book as well. All the characters were developed well, and the perspective of another culture was interesting to read too.
  • TV:

    • Gotham: I’m only on season one (I’m terrible at binge-watching Netflix), but I love this show so far! The villains from Batman were always my favorite, so it5’s been interesting to see all the characters develop in this version. This show will likely get me obsessed with even more Batman villains (and the good guys too-although not sure who aside from Gordon, Bullock, Bruce Wayne, and Alfred will stay throughout the series).
  • Music:

    • Without You by Halsey
    • Lucid Dreams by Juice Wrld
    • I’m a Mess by Bebe Rexha

What were your October favorites?

5 thoughts on “October Favorites

  1. I love Gotham. I’ve only started watching recently but I can’t get enough of it. I’m hoping to finish all the seasons before the next season is out. It’s so good 😊
    Your pet photos are so cute and I loved that you dressed up with your pets as part of the scooby gang!

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