I’m Doing Blogmas!


Happy December everyone! I always love reading/watching blogmas and vlogmas posts/videos every year, but I have never attempted it myself. This year, I have decided to change that and take part in blogmas! Will I be 100% successful? I’m not sure. It’ll definitely be a challenge, but even if I don’t post every day, I feel like it’s worth a try! With these types of things, I think it’s good to push yourself but also to know when you need to take a break.

The last few years, I ultimately haven’t been in ‘the Christmas spirit.’ Sure, I gave gifts to friends and family, but I didn’t watch many holiday movies, listen to Christmas songs, or even decorate for the occasion. Part of this was due to my parents having surgeries early December (one each year), so the sole focus was on them and making sure they recovered as smoothly as possible. Prior to that, I had always spent Christmas at my grandmother’s house in Florida. She passed away three years ago, so Christmas felt a little off without her.

Blogmas, however, seems like a great way to get back into a festive mood for the holidays! I compiled a list of ideas for this month and have already started writing and scheduling a few posts. I intend to have a mix of holiday and regular posts for December. Since it’s the last month of the year, I also want to try some new ideas that I would like to work on more next year. They’re still works in progress, however, so you’ll have to find out more about those ideas later. I did mess around with a new layout/header for my blog though, so I hope you like it!


Anyways, here are a few posts you can look forward to this month (sorry for the short list-I didn’t want to spoil all of them and I also haven’t brainstormed nearly enough!). Also, I know plenty of people are scrambling for blogmas ideas, so feel free to do your own take on these posts!

  • Christmas movies
  • Christmas drinks
  • Gift ideas
  • Winter bucket list
  • Christmas shopping tips
  • Baking ideas
  • Holiday memories
  • Holiday playlist
  • Holiday food (vegetarian edition)

While I think that doing both blogmas AND vlogmas would be too much, I’m going to try to upload a little more frequently on my YouTube channel this month. I hope you all enjoy all the content (on my blog and YouTube)! šŸ™‚

Are you doing blogmas this year? Why or why not? Also, if you have any tips, please share!

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