Sustainable Gift Ideas


If you’re looking for gift ideas for a friend or family member who is trying to be more eco-friendly (or if you want to be more sustainable when it comes to giving gifts), you’ve come to the right place! These gifts can also be useful to people who are not as sustainable-they always need to start somewhere (although you might also want to gift them things more suitable to their interests as well)! A lot of sustainable practices reduce waste/trash anyways (who wants clutter around their home?), so it’s a win-win.

One of the main causes of environmental issues is overconsumption. Christmas is a holiday that tends to feed this problem with massive Christmas lists, Black Friday sales, and advertisements for many products. While yes, giving gifts is nice, you don’t need to overdo it by purchasing things that someone will use once or twice before forgetting about. You might even consider regifting things that you haven’t used (especially if you think they’ll enjoy/use it). Obviously no one is perfect, but I wanted to share this so you can keep overconsumption in mind during the holiday season (and any other time you go shopping)!

Anyways, if you’re interested in giving a few sustainable gifts this year (or if you want to add a few of these to your wish list), let’s take a look at the list I’ve created! I feel like a lot of these would be especially useful as stocking stuffers!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of the sites mentioned in this post; these are simply places that I like to shop! Also, since I live in the US, these suggestions are oriented for those that live in the states. Some do haves stores elsewhere and ship to other countries though!

Straw Bags

They’ve told you all about using reusable straws, so why not give them a cloth bag for the straws they carry around? I actually didn’t realize these were a thing until I discovered the Wendy Barnes Design site. I worried about my straws being unsanitary moving around in my backpack, so these help give me peace of mind! Plus, that particular site has so many adorable animal designs (including manatees, lemurs, seahorses, turtles, and more)!

A set of reusable straws and/or a cleaning kit would also be nice to include if they don’t have any. Perhaps even include a reusable cup as well if they tend to visit their local coffee shop often (it’s not just the straws doing the damage-all of those one-use coffee cups are harmful too)!

Earth Tees

These can be fun-especially from companies that use recycled materials for their clothing AND donate to a good cause. I discovered Wholesome Culture online and fell in love with their shirts. Be wary though if you’re looking for your gift to arrive on time-it looks like their shipping takes longer than normal.

Activism Merchandise

Is there a certain cause that your friend/family member is always supporting? Many activism groups have online stores where you can buy merchandise that advertises and donates money to the cause. Especially if they support protecting the environment, a lot of these sites have sustainable merch (reusable cups, utensil holders, reusable bags, etc) with their organization’s logo on it.

I took an activism course in college, so here’s a few organizations that I remember looking into that have online stores (sorry, most of these are ocean conservation based because I love the ocean):

Audubon Society

Sea Shepherd

Surfrider Foundation

5 Gyres

Package-Free Beauty Products

Beauty products that use minimal/recycled packaging can also make a good gift. Lush is the main store that comes to mind when I think about package-free beauty. I’m not as knowledgeable about other alternatives, but I believe I have seen local small businesses that have package free products. Feel free to look into your local stores to see if they limit the packaging for their products!

Reusable Bags

While yes, there is recycled wrapping paper available that is better for the environment than using brand new paper, you could also use a reusable bag to present the gift! Then it would look nice AND the bag can be an additional gift that can be reused when shopping/traveling. Reusable bags can be found pretty much anywhere…they’re at grocery stores, retail stores, bookstores, and online!

These small fruit/veggie bags can also be a great stocking stuffer if they frequently purchase fruits/veggies from the grocery store (those plastic bags just for a handful of produce drive me crazy).

Gift Cards

If you can’t think of anything, a gift card is usually a great gift! Maybe they need a subscription to something, or maybe they have a list of books they want to read. Either way, they can purchase things that they know they will use!

All items featured in the blog post photo:

I hope this gift guide was helpful! Please share any other sustainable gift ideas/tips in the comments below!


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