Christmas Shopping Tips


Christmas shopping can be insane-especially if you wait until last minute! There are plenty of sales going on and a variety of gifts to choose from; plus, there are tons of other people out and about trying to check off their holiday shopping as well! Christmas shopping can certainly get chaotic, so I decided to share a few things that help my gift shopping go as smoothly as possible.

I normally don’t go crazy buying presents; as a college graduate on the job hunt, I unfortunately don’t have a high budget for gifts. Instead of buying many and/or expensive presents, I try to get things that count. I find that most people will appreciate a gift that they really love (especially if it’s something they thought everyone forgot they wanted) even if isn’t worth a lot of money. I also enjoy painting and drawing, so sometimes I include a little artwork if I have the time.

Anyway’s, here are some tips on buying gifts this year! I hope they’re helpful!

Do your Christmas shopping in advance

While it can be easy to wait a week before Christmas, the best tip for Christmas shopping is to get all gifts early! This way, you have time to wait for shipping if you ordered online, and you don’t have to stress if stores are sold out of a certain product. This also allows you to spread out the amount of money you spend on gifts if you have more of a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.

Think of gifts throughout the year-not just during December

I feel like people hint at what they’d like as a gift all the time. Keep an eye out for any hobbies, shows, or movies they love or anything they express a great deal of interest in. Or take note of anything they repeatedly mention missing from their life that they must have. Or anything that makes their eyes light up when they see it. While yes, thinking of a perfect gift early might make you eager to share your gift idea, it can also ensure that you’ll get your family/friend a gift that they’d really love!

Shop at different places

Lots of people might go to common stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, but if you’re looking for more of a unique gift, why not check out some online stores that you typically don’t visit? This would also be a good opportunity to check out some smaller businesses.

Side note: Amazon, Walmart, and Target definitely do sell some great gifts, so don’t let this post dissuade you if you find something cool from them!

Bring a friend

Sure, you won’t really be able to shop for that friend in particular (although they could hint at some things they like!), but Christmas shopping is more fun with a friend! You both can enjoy all the Christmas decorations spread throughout the area while enjoying each other’s company. They might even share some gift ideas that you could use for other people you know!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? What are some of your favorite tips?

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