December Goals


The last month of 2018 is here! Crazy, isn’t it? This year has just been flying by. I always try to spend time reflecting in December in order to get my priorities and goals  organized for the new year. Plus, I always like to have smaller monthly goals that take steps towards achieving larger ones.

Personal Goals

My life outside of my blog has been a bit chaotic lately, so I have a few goals to hopefully settle down my life a bit.

  • Get a job. Searching for a job post-graduation is quite a difficult task. I feel like simple food service/retail jobs don’t want to hire me because I want to do something with my degree, and then jobs related to my degree don’t want to hire me because I don’t have any professional experience. I guess I’ll figure it out eventually.
  • Finish Christmas shopping. I need to wrap up my shopping for Christmas. My family can be tricky to shop for, but I’m sure I’ll find them something nice!
  • Read three books. Sometimes I’m an avid reader, and sometimes I slack off. Lately I feel like I’ve been in a reading slump (again), so it would be nice to finish the year by reading three books!
  • Start painting/drawing again. Reading isn’t the only hobby I’ve been slacking in; I also haven’t been painting or drawing lately. Art can be so much fun to create, so I would like to start working on some creative projects. Plus, while I’m on a standstill in the job front, I might look into selling my art to make some extra money.
  • Hang out with friends. Since I moved back in with my parents (who live thirty minutes from town), I haven’t been hanging out with friends as often. I’m someone who hates initiating plans (are they busy, do they even want to hang out with me, are my hang out ideas lame, etc), but I hope to invite some friends out to do things this month.
  • Write and share my poetry. When I have a project in my head, I normally get stuck planning everything instead of actually putting my ideas into action. I have notebooks filled with poetry that I would like to start sharing, so I’m hoping I can find the time and courage to get that project put together.

Blog Goals

My social media numbers have been rising and dropping a lot lately, so number-oriented goals are not something that I’m focusing on at the moment. Instead, I’d like to improve the quality of my blog.

  • Start a blog series. I keep making lists of ideas for blog posts, but I have yet to put them into action. I would really like to start a series that features different environmental issues, but since they require more research, I keep putting them off.
  • Finish Blogmas. This is my first year participating in Blogmas (or anything of the sort), and I would love to follow through with it! Since Blogmas was a last minute choice for me, I didn’t have the time to plan as much content as I would have liked. I don’t want the quality of my posts to suffer from posting so frequently, but I think I’ve been doing well so far!
  • Take more photos/include more photos in my posts. Pictures are normally the last thing that I add to my posts. Normally, my posts have only one image at the beginning, but I would like to include more in the future!
  • Use Instagram more often. I have both a personal and a blog instagram, and I tend to neglect my blog instagram. A lot. I would like to log on to my account more often this month, post frequently, and interact with other accounts.
  • Experiment with Photoshop. This is both a personal and a blog related goal, but I want to mess around more with Photoshop. I have been using it primarily for basic edits, but I know there’s a ton of photo-editing features that I would love to test out!
  • Engage more with other blogs. When I struggle to find the time to blog, I typically fall behind on reading other blogs as well. I would like to catch up on the blogs I enjoy to read and find some new ones to check out!

…and those are the main goals I have this month! What are you looking to achieve this December?

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