Geeky Shops for Gifts


Do you know someone who’s obsessed with superheroes? Or maybe a TV show, video game, book, or movie? To help with your gift search, I’ve compiled a list of stores that have a variety of themed products to choose from.

These  websites sell merchandise from many fandoms. If you’re looking for a specific theme, also feel free to check out the main website for the fandom (like as they tend to sell merchandise too! Local comic and gaming stores can also be helpful!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of the sites mentioned in this post; these are simply places that I like to shop!


Amazon basically has everything, so of course it’s included in this list. I normally use Amazon for posters, but there’s keychains, lanyards, clothing, care decorations, houseware, action figures, and more! I even found a Captain America cutting board (there’s also a Groot and Spider-Man one) when I was looking through the site for this post; it might be a little extra but I think it looks kind of cool.

Captain America Shield Cutting Board – Amazon – $18.99


This site is partnered with many companies (Marvel, Fox, ABC, HBO, etc) and sells quite a variety of products. Here they have T-shirts, reusable bags, coffee mugs/cups, stickers, and more!


Etsy has plenty of creative products to choose from, and since many things on Etsy are created by individuals, you can find gifts that are homemade and unique. Many people on Etsy have independently run shops, so if you purchase items from them, you’ll be supporting their art! I’m not as familiar with Etsy shops, but I stumbled across Sweet Allure not too long ago and she has some really lovely watercolor prints that are Disney and Harry Potter themed!

Hot Topic

Hot Topic has a variety of pop culture products. From bands to popular TV shows, they have quite a lot to choose from. Jewelry, pins, clothing, bags, wallets, and Funko Pop Vinyl figures can all be found online or in-store!

Her Universe

Her Universe is directed more towards females, but the site has a variety of cute clothing and houseware items that make great gifts! They tend to feature fandoms such as Disney, Doctor Who, Marvel, and Star Wars. Normally their collections are based off of recent movies and do not get back in stock once they sell out. I’ve seen some of their clothing sold at my local Kohl’s in the junior’s section, but they normally only offer the latest collection that’s been released.


If you know someone who needs a new bag or wallet, Loungefly is the perfect site to browse around! They have backpacks, wallets, and purses on their site and feature many fandoms including Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, and Pokemon! This site can be more expensive though, so it might not be ideal for smaller gifts.

Loungefly x Minnie Head/Flower Print Grey Crossbody Bag – Loungefly – $64.00


Spencer’s sells geeky items that tend to be more suited for older fans. They have shot glasses, hats, lanyards, clothes, wallets, etc. They have many Marvel, DC, Disney, Harry Potter, and Pokemon themed products! I would have to say the shot glasses are my favorite products to buy here.

Think Geek

Think Geek has plenty of geeky merchandise to choose from! They have houseware, clothes, games, jewelry, journals, shoes, and more! They have a wide selection of fandoms to choose from as well, including Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones! This store has a few things that can be expensive, but whenever I look they have quite a few decent products on sale.

Harry Potter He’s a Keeper / She’s a Catch Hand Towel Set – Think Geek – $19.99

Are there any fandoms in particular you love to shop for? I personally love anything that’s Harry Potter, Marvel (Captain America, Loki, and Thor in particular), DC (I loved Wonder Woman and lots of Batman characters), or Scooby Doo themed!

2 thoughts on “Geeky Shops for Gifts

  1. I love Etsy and Hot Topic! Hot Topic has cool items and sometimes I go there for cute tank tops and bags! Loungefly is such a cute site but I’ve yet to get something from there 🙂

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