Avengers: End Game Trailer

Spoilers from Avengers: Infinity War and the new trailer for Avengers 4 below!

We’re going to step away from a holiday blogmas post because today the trailer and title for the next Avengers movie were released!

“We’re in the end game now” -Dr. Strange

After watching Avengers: Infinity War when it opened in theaters last year, I have been eagerly anticipating any news about the upcoming movie. The ending showed the Avengers actually losing, so you know some crazy things are about to go down in the next installment.

The title End Game sounds so dark. It also reminds me of when the last original Harry Potter movie was being released and all the merchandise and posters sold beforehand to advertise the movies said “it all ends here.” The title also gets Taylor Swift’s song ‘End Game’ stuck in my head (sorry, I’m a big T Swift fan). For real though, if anyone has come across more of a sad, somber cover of End Game, please send me a link! That version of the song would likely be more suitable for the movie.

For me, the trailer seemed a little underwhelming (maybe since it primarily showed all of the characters upset and defeated?), but I was still excited about it. While it confirmed a few rumors, it honestly didn’t spoil much about the movie at all. Everyone complains when the whole plot is uncovered in the trailer though, so I guess this one excelled in keeping the plot a secret. Here were some of my favorite parts:

  • “…don’t feel bad about this. Part of the journey is the end.” Opening up with some deep words from none other than Tony Stark. While he’s directing them to Pepper, it’s really for all of us, isn’t it?
  • Marvel Studios logo turning to dust. Wow.
  • Back to the original squad. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve loved all the new characters that have been introduced since the first Avenger movie. It just adds a bit of nostalgia to see the trailer (almost) solely featuring the original six heroes.
  • Ronin. While I’m not as familiar with this storyline, it looks like Hawkeye changed into Ronin. One of the things that I love about Marvel is that they always seem to make sure that stakes are high. In Infinity War, we witnessed all of the characters losing everything. Even though Hawkeye didn’t make an appearance in that one, it looks as though he’s lost a lot too.
  • Steve with his picture of Peggy. Things are about to go down, you guys. I believe he looked at Peggy’s picture often before he went into battle, and there’s sure to be many risky missions in End Game.
  • And my favorite-Scott Lang’s appearance at the end. This part cracked me up. Cap and Black Widow were so confused while Scott was like pleassssse buzz me in. It was nice to see that Marvel still added a bit of humor.

Especially with the Captain Marvel trailer released earlier this week and the Spider-Man trailer set to be released this weekend, I’m certainly getting hyped for these Marvel movies!

Are you excited for Avengers: End Game? Let me know in the comments!

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