Moving Back in With My Parents


If you’ve been following my blog or YouTube channel, you’re probably aware that I moved back in with my parents after my apartment was damaged by Hurricane Florence. I didn’t have the funds to move into another apartment (they weren’t really available after the hurricane anyway) and held two barely-over-minimum wage jobs that didn’t challenge me, so I made the decision to move back in with my parents.

While I am grateful that I have parents to fall back on and am thankful that they can support me, it hasn’t been an easy experience. It’s hard to go from an independent adult back to a child relying on their parents. I loved having my own freedom and independence when I was in college, so I’ve missed it. It’s also difficult to find an adult job after graduating, so life’s been a bit of a struggle lately.

Before the hurricane hit, I talked to a coworker about how he was likely going to move back in with his parents after college. It’s a good way to get on your feet instead of getting stuck in smaller jobs in order to pay off rent and student debt.

I wanted to move somewhere else when my lease was up in June in order to find better job opportunities, but that date was pushed up a lot sooner than I expected. I didn’t have enough money saved up to move somewhere else, and I didn’t want to have to move all of my stuff back into a new apartment in the same area again. So I moved back home. Here are some of my favorite and least favorite things about moving back in with my parents so far.

Worrying over every little thing

I don’t travel a lot, but I travel every so often for quidditch. My parents are not very fond of traveling, and even though I’ve playing quidditch for the past five years, they freak out when I have longer trips. Who are you going with? Where are you going? You’re driving at night; that’s more dangerous! Are you crazy, you shouldn’t drive during rush hour! Why don’t you have every route memorized; you can’t just rely on your phone! It drives me a bit crazy.

I’m also insanely private, so I hate having to tell my parents whenever I go somewhere. This typically causes me to stay at the house; it’s not like I have money to go out all the time anyway.

Traditional values

People can believe what they want, but my parents have very traditional values and do not budge at all. They’re nice to people, but a lot of their comments afterwards can be incredibly judgemental. Especially when it comes to LGBTQI and mental illness. I don’t understand why these things matter so much to them. Just let people date who they want to date and wear what they want to wear; obviously you’re already married so you don’t have to worry about it at all?

They also HATE tattoos, so whenever we go out and we see someone with them, they always have some snide remark. They keep it to themselves and don’t directly insult the person, but seriously, I think tattoos are super cool and artistic so it irritates me every time they say something.


My parents live outside of town, so it takes about 20-30 minutes to get back into civilization. Rural life is fun, but it’s not ideal for someone who’s trying to find a career and make connections. We have a few neighbors, but they’re all my parents’ age. Prior to moving back with my parents, I lived in a city so it’s definitely been an adjustment. I also don’t have as many friends in the area, so it can get quite lonely.

In addition, my parents don’t think I should work in food service or retail while I try to figure out what to do as a career. Even when I look into it anyways, I’m not sure if it would be worth it to make minimum wage now that I live so far away from restaurants and stores. I’ve applied and interviewed to a few places but haven’t had any luck.

No rent

Rent was the most expensive cost of living on my own. It’s been so nice to have a place to live without having to give away the majority of my paycheck to do so! My parents have been switching out furniture and getting solar panels and such, so I have been put to work lifting the heavier things. Also, I try to help them out with their older dog who has had some minor health issues. And regular housework too, of course.


I don’t know, I’m more of a high-strung person so having all this freetime to myself has felt both positive and negative for me. It has been fun to try some things I haven’t had the time to do because of my crazy work hours. I can draw, write, read, browse the internet, play video games, play with my pets, etc. I just don’t feel as motivated to do them sometimes because I’m not in the go-go-go cycle that I’ve been used to.

More care for my pets

The roommate I had been living with before I moved was nice, but I could not rely on her to take care of my pets if I had a long day at work or went away for the weekend. Scooby can definitely be a handful as he’s both strong AND hyperactive, and my roommate simply could not handle him. Living with my parents has been nice as they can take care of my pets when I have quidditch tournaments or when I occasionally sleep over at a friend’s house.

Sharing your issues with everyone

My mom seems to tell everyone she knows that I’m unemployed and moved back in with them. It’s not like she should lie and say something else, but it sucks to hear my situation out loud. Plus, then people tend to ask me about it when I want to keep it all to myself. It’s also difficult talking to friends, because they’ll ask about my life and all I have to say is that I’m unemployed and living with my parents. Not really an exciting aspect to share.

…and those are the main things I’ve experienced so far. Like I’ve said, I’m very thankful that I have my parents to live with! It’s just frustrating when you want to be self-sufficient but can’t.

Have you ever had to move back in with your parents? How was your experience?

8 thoughts on “Moving Back in With My Parents

  1. I’ve been living with my grandpa for a little over a year now to save on expenses after the position at my job got eliminated. While it’s better than living with my parents, I still totally relate to what you’re experiencing! The no rent is awesome but it’s stressful living with a family member for sure. My family is the same way as yours is about driving! I think they just think I should never drive anywhere and just stay home all the time..??

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    • That makes sense. I actually had an older cousin who stayed with my grandma for a while and thought about doing the same thing until my grandma had some health issues. And yeah, my parents would probably be happier if I never traveled. I’ve even driven them on 8 hour trips without any trouble so it’s not like they think I’m a horrible driver. I don’t know what family
      members have against driving

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  2. I can totally relate to all of these, especially the traditional values one. I lived with my parents for 6 months between my undergrad and Master’s program and the best part was saving on rent, but the worst part was my mom constantly nagging me. As a little change, I’m moving in my with grandma in LA to job hunt out there rather than living with my parents to give us both a break!

    Rachel ||

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    • Yeah the saving money on rent is great, but my mom definitely nags on me all the time. Good luck moving in with your grandma! I feel like that’s normally a little easier, especially since it’s a little break from living with your parents


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