Get Motivated Playlist

I have an older laptop, so I had to uninstall Spotify at the beginning of 2018 because it was crashing my laptop. Since I don’t have Spotify Premium, I thought it wouldn’t be worth it to have the app on my phone. Last month, however, I decided to download Spotify again (for my phone, that is-I’m not trying to kill my laptop). I’ve missed being able to discover new music, so I’m glad to have Spotify back in my life! The ads can be a bit annoying, but I honestly don’t mind them as much. Once I get into more of a comfortable financial situation, who knows-I might get Spotify Premium in the future. If I could play whatever song I want, wherever I want…that would be insane!

Prior to Spotify, I primarily listened to music that was already downloaded on my phone (which is mostly Halsey) and music on YouTube. I also tried Pandora every once in a while, but I always listen to the same channels and would always hear the same songs. While I love the music that I already know, it doesn’t inspire me creatively. New music and random mixes seem to do the trick though! I love discovering new artists AND singing along to songs that I know every lyric of.

When it comes to music, I love songs that have inspiring messages to them. Especially since it’s the start of 2019, I’ve been in the mood for songs that hype me up and keep me motivated! I have many goals for 2019, and I would really like to accomplish them this year! I’ve been creating playlists like crazy since I’ve re-downloaded Spotify (playlists are so fun!), but here are some songs that have been rocking my playlists lately.


I hope you enjoy my playlist! What songs have been motivating you this year?


4 thoughts on “Get Motivated Playlist

  1. I am loving this playlist! I always have different playlists depending on my mood – plus it’s a fab way to keep a track of random artists you come across.

    I hope you excel in achieving everything you set out to this year! 😊

    Stephanie xox
    The LDN Gal

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  2. Oh! I love playlists and have actually only heard two of these songs! I’ll have to check these out for the gym. Also, I will say I think Spotify premium is totally worth it! I use it for podcasts and I had ads 😅 I also like that I can save music to listen to when I have no service. Fun post!

    Cheers xx

    Rachel |

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    • Awesome, hopefully you’ll enjoy some of the others as well! Spotify Premium does seem like it would be great to have! Unfortunately there’s a lot of other things I’m saving my money up for first. The ads would definitely be annoying for podcasts (they’re already inconvenient for music lol), but I haven’t listened to any on Spotify yet. Thanks for reading! 😊

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