Lessons from Captain Marvel


Last weekend, my friend and I went to the theater to watch Captain Marvel for its opening weekend. While I was a little worried about the movie based on the trailers and the negative comments online, I ended up loving it! I might even try to bring my mom along to rewatch it in the near future.

SPOILER WARNING: This post includes minor spoilers from the movie!

I really liked the character of Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel/’Veers’). I thought she was funny, headstrong, and of course, a badass. While I certainly get inspired by superheroes no matter what, it’s always a little more empowering for me to see a female superhero (especially since her flashbacks reminded me a little of myself when I was a kid-obsessing over Amelia Earhart, falling down all of the time, getting scolded for being more ‘boy-ish’). I love how superheroes are becoming more diverse nowadays!

Even though Captain Marvel takes place in a fictional world, there are plenty of recurring messages that relate to everyday life. Carol was also born a human and acquired superpowers later on when she was an adult, so she certainly experienced many issues that people go through everyday. I wanted to use this post to reflect on my favorites and expand on why these lessons are significant.

Don’t believe in something solely because of others

I think this is such an important lesson to teach people, especially in this day and age when we have the influence of the media to be wary about. We’re also raised with certain traditions, mindsets, and beliefs, but that doesn’t mean that we have to continue them. Sometimes people can be wrong, and it’s important to be open to new information and to learn both sides of issues. We have a variety of sources available to us, so we should challenge what others tell us to believe, be willing to admit when we’re wrong, and take the steps to make a positive change.

Don’t shut out your emotions; use them

Many people in this movie told Carol that she’s too emotional. To a certain point, it is good to control your emotions; you can’t just punch people when you’re mad at them, and sometimes you have to keep going instead of sobbing in a corner. I think the key thing, however, is control. While you shouldn’t use them to fight everyone who has an issue with you, emotions give you a purpose. They show what you care about, what makes you smile, what makes you cry, what makes you fight. They allow you to connect to other people and become passionate about the causes you believe in. Instead of blocking out emotions, you should understand and use them.

Everyone has their own strengths

You don’t have to play other people’s games; you can win your own way. Carol sparred a lot with Yon-Rogg, and he would win most of their hand-to-hand fights. The thing is, she doesn’t have to fight his way to win. I loved seeing this addressed in the movie. Especially since I play a co-ed sport, it’s sometimes difficult being a woman. I’m not as strong or big as a lot of the male players. I don’t have to tackle and plow through other players though, and I can use my own strategies to help my team out. In addition, this lesson can be applied to work, school, and more. It isn’t even limited to being a male vs. female thing; everyone has their own strengths no matter what their gender is. Just because someone may be better than you in one skill, does not make them better than you as a person.

If you fall, get back up

My favorite part of the trailers (and perhaps the movie too) was the sequence of clips of Carol falling throughout different parts of her life. This was followed by clips of her getting up right afterwards. I loved this so much! I think this is really important for everyone to understand. It’s only human to fall, fail, and make mistakes. People try to avoid it, but failure isn’t a bad thing as long as you get up and keep trying.

Have you watched Captain Marvel yet? What did you think about the movie? Also (since I’m a huge nerd) should I do more posts like this? I love looking at the different personality traits of superheroes and what messages people can learn from them, so I feel like these posts wouldn’t be hard to write!

6 thoughts on “Lessons from Captain Marvel

  1. Great lessons! I personally would love to see you write more posts like this! Also so that I’m not alone; I usually only see people writing reviews and not enough posts about the LESSONS from movies.

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    • Thank you! I think I will continue to write posts like this; the more lessons a movie has, the more likely I am to enjoy it anyways. I do see much more review posts though, so I was super excited to see that you have a Captain Marvel lessons post too!

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