My Favorite Avenger


Avengers: End Game is almost here! I’m excited yet sad at the same time. This might be the end for some of the heroes that I’ve been rooting for over the past ten years. I really hope that if it is the end of the line, the fallen heroes will at least get an ending they deserve.

Anyways, in order to prepare myself for End Game, today I wanted to share my thoughts about my favorite Avenger. Which is…Captain America!

I know especially after the release of Civil War, some people are hardcore Team Cap or hardcore Team Iron Man. I LOVE both of these characters, so don’t think that because Captain America is my favorite, I hate Tony Stark. Because that is NOT true at all. I still love Tony and the rest of the Avengers so much, but Captain America will always be my favorite.

Sure, I knew how to play the Iron Man theme song when I was in middle school pep band (even though I don’t think I had even watched the movie yet), but Captain America: The First Avenger was the first MCU movie that I watched in theaters. My dad dragged me to see it, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. Then I got depressed at the end since Steve and Peggy never got their dance, so I didn’t go out of my way to see any more Marvel movies. When I went off to college, I joined a quidditch team. We had movie nights inside our dorms/apartments and went to see Thor: The Dark World opening night in theaters (and then basically going to the following Marvel movies’ opening releases together), which lead me to become a fangirl.

So why is Captain America my favorite? Aside from the nostalgic aspect of being the first Marvel movie I remember watching, he’s the one that I relate to the most. I think he has a lot of traits and beliefs that I have/aspire to have. His character inspires others to do the right thing, even if you’re standing alone. I think a lot of my favorite parts about Captain America can be seen through his quotes, so I picked out a few of my favorites to share.

  • “I can do this all day” (All three Cap movies) This is one of Captain America’s most popular quotes, and I love it! Steve never gives up, even when his opponent is stronger and bigger than him. He might lose, but he perseveres nonetheless. I feel like I use this in my life often, because even if it doesn’t look like I’m going to win, I keep going.
  • “If I see a situation headed south, I can’t look the other way” (Civil War)  Steve continues to fight for what he believes in and can’t follow orders that conflict with his beliefs. He also doesn’t sit back and watch things happen; he goes out and tries to stop the situation from ending badly. I feel like this is a trait that I’m trying to improve myself. I think it’s easy to become a bystander and idly witness things go wrong, and I want to do my best to take action whenever I can.
  • “I’m with you til the end of the line.” (All three Cap movies) Technically I think Bucky said this first, but Steve repeats this throughout his movies. Bucky and Cap knew each other for a long time, and Bucky was the only one who was there for Steve before he became the popular Captain America. I think loyalty is an important trait to have, and Steve is always there to help his friends and hear them out.
  • “My faith’s in individuals” (Civil War) This expands on Cap’s loyalty. While he does well with taking orders, he immediately abandons them if the institution’s interests no longer fit with his own. He does have a loyal following, mainly because I think he sees the good in people. He inspires them, believes in them, and keeps going. I don’t think I’m super loyal to any huge organization, but you better bet I would do anything for those I care about.
  • “I don’t want to kill anyone; I don’t like bullies; I don’t care where they’re from.” (The First Avenger) Even though Steve struggled with bullies in the past, he still doesn’t set out to kill them. He just wants to put an end to bullying and stop anyone who’s trying to take away the freedom of others.
  • “That up there, that’s the end game. How do you plan on defeating that?” “Together” “We’ll lose” Then we’ll do that together too” (Age of Ultron) Captain America is such a supporter of teamwork. He’s not a leader who orders his team to go out and fight/do all the work without him; he’s always at the front ready to lead and battle with his team. Even though Steve and Tony clash with a lot of their opinions, Steve still believes that the best way forward is sticking together. I think this is important because in most situations, everyone in a group is not going to be 100% happy about final decisions or about the personalities of their group members. If they can look past these differences and support each other, however, I think that allows them to reach their goals.

The list above showcases more of his positive traits, but I also relate to some of the negative aspects of Steve’s personality. He seems to have this sad/lost vibe to him. He wakes up in a new century where he has to adjust to many changes. The people he trusted and cared about are long gone (for the most part). He appears to be most at home in a war-he doesn’t have many other passions and doesn’t really have a home to return to. While I certainly don’t have as many traumatic experiences as Steve, it can be a struggle to find yourself and adapt to changes that everyone experiences throughout life.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Who is your favorite Avenger? Are you excited for End Game this week?

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