Avengers Endgame: Ulta Collection


At the beginning of April, I was pleasantly surprised to find a superhero-themed subject line from Ulta in my inbox. I guess Avengers: Endgame is popular enough for even beauty stores to release their own superhero-themed products (I believe Sephora did one as well that’s only available in another country?). Anyways, being the nerd I am, I knew I had to go out and pick up a few items, especially since there was a buy two, get two free sale going on at Ulta.

While I would’ve loved to include links to all these products for you all, it looks like Ulta is already sold out of them online. You might have better luck going into your nearby store; I know mine still has Avengers products on the shelf!

DISCLAIMER: I purchased these items with my own money and am not sponsored or affiliated with Ulta. I’m writing this product simply to share my own review!


Marvel’s Avengers Eyeshadow Palette

I found the eyeshadows similar to other Ulta eyeshadow products that I’ve used in the past. They’re not very pigmented, but they do show up. I would recommend using a primer before applying these to help the colors show and stay on your eyelid better. The colors in this palette are pretty, and it features many red/orange shades and some purples and whites as well. I would’ve loved if there were more character-specific colors (like the ‘Smash’ green Hulk shade), but whatever, it works.


Marvel’s Avengers Highlight Palette

I don’t use highlighters often, so unfortunately I don’t have many thoughts on this palette. It does come with four very shimmery colors, and they all seem to blend and work well! It’s not as expensive as most highlight palettes that I’ve seen, so this palette is perfect for me to get comfortable with my highlighting skills.


Marvel’s Avengers Matte Liquid Lipstick

I actually really like this lipstick. I purchased the color “Out of this World”, and the color looks really nice and lasts for a decent amount of time for the price. With matte lips, I always worry about my lips looking cracked (you know, because matte lipsticks dry on your lips), but I did not have this problem with this product. I normally don’t use liquid lipsticks, but they are also pretty easy to apply!


Marvel’s Avengers Makeup Bag

I have too many makeup bags, but I could not resist this one! I love how it has Captain Marvel, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, and the Hulk. I also like the watercolor, faded, colorful vibe it has. Plus, it’s the perfect size for me when traveling! To be honest, I also thought about using it as a small band-aid/first aid bag (in case you’re unaware, I tend to accidentally injure myself quite often), but I don’t know.

Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Avengers Endgame: Ulta Collection

  1. I’m not much of a superhero movie person but I DID see Endgame and was pretty impressed! I was at Ulta yesterday and I didn’t see these so I think they’re sold out. Unless they were just hidden! I actually kind of want that highlighter palette because I need to get better with highlighting too.

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    • Yay that’s awesome, I’m glad you enjoyed the movie! I went to my local Ulta after I wrote this post and they still had a little section at the end of the aisle, but I feel like once they sell those products, they’re gone. I’ve really been enjoying the highlight palette; it’s very shimmery.


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