Trying Udemy


I was chatting with one of my customers at work the other day, and I mentioned that I was about to take classes at my local community college for computer programming. He then told me about this online site called Udemy. Udemy offers courses in computer development (and many more categories), and they were even having a sale that week. The name of the site did sound familiar (I think someone else might’ve mentioned it to me), so I decided to give it a look!

I don’t know how often the site has specials, but for Easter, basically all courses were $11.99 (I’m pretty sure they still have the same special going on-I know they’ve had it for Mother’s Day and Memorial Day too)! Normally the courses are expensive and are hundreds of dollars, so I’m thinking they have sales often? Anyways, I purchased two courses from the same instructor, so I received an additional discount. If you’re not interested in spending any money on a course, you can still give Udemy a try with one of their free courses! I haven’t actually tried any yet, but the free courses do seem useful as well. Udemy offers courses in practically any topic. Music, programming, drawing, marketing, fitness, astrology-they have it all! You can also use Ebates to get a percentage back of whatever courses you purchase!

Aside from computer science classes, I also purchased a drawing course for fun since I want to get back into art again. After watching one of the beginning videos, I feel like I can draw eyes a lot better now! Plus, it was more of a draw-with-me video so that we could have a piece of art from the beginning of the lessons that we can use to compare to our work at the end of the course. I know I probably won’t be able to practice as much as I should (three community classes AND Udemy AND work AND volunteering AND quidditch-my schedule is pretty packed), but I can’t wait to see how much I learn from this course!


You might be thinking: why not watch how-to videos for free on YouTube? That’s also a great option for acquiring new skills. If you want to watch free YouTube videos, then feel free! Those can certainly be helpful. I personally believe that YouTube is better for supplementary material on things that you already have a background in (although it probably depends on the topic). I have found that using Udemy does have a few benefits though.

  • You can ask your instructor’s questions and they (or their teaching assistant) will reply to you. While some YouTube creators respond to their comments, some do not.
  • All the videos are organized into sections, so you don’t have to search for a video for every step.
  • Many courses include hands-on projects where you can try out the material you learned. You can even add these to a portfolio of your work!
  • There are quizzes throughout the courses to make sure you are learning the information you need.
  • Some courses are very in-depth and last MANY hours (most are 20+ I believe).
  • No advertisements!
  • You can download videos to watch later when you don’t have internet/data.
  • Some courses will give you a certificate once you complete them. I don’t know how useful this would be, but maybe it could help prove you’re knowledgeable about a topic for a job? Who knows.
  • Udemy can be accessed through laptop, phone, or tablet.

For a site that focuses on teaching people, I feel like the site should have a clearer ‘about’ page. I had no idea if I had to pay for a subscription at first-I had to look into it (in case you wanted to know-there’s no subscription fee, you only have to pay for the courses and you get to keep them forever!). I also don’t know how their referral program works, but they gave me a referral link. I’m assuming it will give me credit for more courses, but I’m not positive. If you’re interested in trying Udemy, you can use my referral link if you want to and maybe I’ll figure out what happens when I refer people.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed using Udemy so far. If you are looking to put some time into a new skill or hobby, Udemy is a great way for you to learn! I would definitely recommend it.

Have you ever tried Udemy? If not, do you use any other online instructional sites to acquire new skills?

7 thoughts on “Trying Udemy

  1. I like Udemy!! I’ve managed to find free courses related to graphic design and html videos so I’m pretty lucky haha but 11.99 isn’t bad at all!! I would definitely use them besides other sites. That eye drawing is SOO nice by the way!

    Geraldine |

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    • You should give it a try! You could even start with a free class to see if you like the format (plus the free classes I’ve seen are pretty useful anyways).
      I honestly prefer it to the community college classes I’m taking at the moment. Udemy classes don’t teach you straight from a textbook, and the ones that I’ve tried go at a great pace to learn yet still understand things. And of course Udemy is a lot cheaper.


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