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Happy December everyone!

Now that I have most of my projects completed for school, I should have more time to blog this month. While I love the idea of Blogmas, I don’t think I could keep up with it unless I planned beforehand (I am participating in Vlogmas though if you enjoy watching YouTube!). That being said, I do want to post a few festive posts this year, and I thought I would start it off with Jackie’s (The Vibrant Dreamer) Cozy Winter Tag! It’s the first tag she’s created herself, and it’s perfect for the holiday season!

The Rules

  • Be sure to link back to the tag creator in your own post.
  • Tag 4+ of your own friends to keep the coziness going!
  • You don’t have to be tagged to fill this out-feel free to post your answers on your own blog.

1. Green Christmas or White Christmas?

I would have to say a green Christmas. White Christmas’ might look gorgeous, but I wouldn’t want to spend the day with the power out. Also, I like to be outside, so I don’t want the weather to be too cold/wet for me to enjoy it.

2. Would you rather snuggle up with a blanket or go outside and play in the snow?

I would probably do a little bit of both. When it first snows, I like to run outside and play in it, but after that, I typically stay inside under the blankets where it is warm.

3. How do you typically celebrate New Year’s?

I normally just hang out with my parents at home. They’re both not huge on partying and emphasize family time, so they never want me to go out and celebrate (granted, the couple of times when I was asked to do something with friends, my parents were recovering from surgeries so I did want to make sure they had a little fun for New Year’s too). My parents and I normally have a nice dinner out somewhere, and then we stay at home and watch the New Year celebrations on TV. Personally, I like to dance and have a blast when all the artists are performing on TV. I also enjoy a little champagne and/or wine to celebrate.

4. Favorite winter food?

Can I say cookies? There’s not really any holiday-themed entrees or sides that come to mind, but I do love Christmas cookies!

5. What is your favorite seasonal drink?

Peppermint mocha! Peppermint is such a great holiday flavor.

6. How early do you decorate for Christmas?

I typically do not decorate early at all. This year, my family and I got out Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. I still need to get out a few of my Christmas decorations to put up in my room and finish decorating the trees though!

7. Do you enjoy the cold weather or do you get anxious for spring to come?

I am not a fan of the cold. I’ll enjoy it for a couple of days maybe, but I prefer warmer weather. I am becoming more of a sweater fan, so perhaps now that dress warmer I can handle the cold.

8. Do you have any special holiday traditions?

Not really. My family used to go down to Florida to visit my grandmother for the holidays, but since she passed away, Christmas has been a little weird. The years following both of my parents had to have surgeries during December (my dad had one one year, then my mom the next), so we never really developed any traditions afterwards because we were focused on their recovery. In addition, both my brother and my dad are not Christmas fans, so it’s hard to find any festive activities that we all can enjoy.

9. What is your idea of a perfect winter day?

It would start off with a warm peppermint mocha coffee. I’d get some work done inside where it’s warm (maybe with a blanket and Tigger or Scooby snuggled up beside me). For fun, I would go ice skating!A trip to the mall would be exciting as well, especially at a mall that is all decorated for the holidays. To finish the day, I would brew some warm tea and watch a movie.

10. What’s the best part about winter?

The excitement. Everyone is so cheerful and excited for the holidays, and the focus seems to be on spreading happiness and helping others. It brings people together and makes them more forgiving. If only it could be that way the whole year!

Even after Christmas, there seems to be more of an optimistic outlook; like it’s a new year, you can do ANYTHING. I think that’s also a great mindset to hold.

11. What’s your favorite movie set in the winter season? (Not necessarily a Christmas movie)

Fun fact: Iron Man 3 takes place around winter time, and being the obsessive Marvel fan I am,  I am excited to rewatch it this month! I also think winter is the perfect time to marathon the Harry Potter movies (they do not take part solely during the winter, but they do have Christmas/winter scenes!).

As for actual Christmas movies, my favorites would probably have to be How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Elf.

12. What do you hate about winter?

The stress. Winter typically signifies the start/end of classes (and I feel like work projects would likely end around the year?), and while the holidays are great, there can be a lot of stress from finding gifts, cooking, making plans, getting together with family, etc.

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Thank you for reading! What are you favorite things about winter?

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8 thoughts on “A Cozy Winter Tag

  1. Thank you for the tag! 💕 I love reading people’s answers. So interesting how different peoples families are! A lot of these are hard, I feel like in between a few of them 😊 great post xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had no clue that Iron Man took place in the Winter, but totally agree that the early HP movies are great around this time of year … I feel the same about the Chronicles of Narnia – the Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe!

    Totally love the Christmas cheer too! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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