Black Friday Colourpop Haul


I wasn’t planning on participating in Black Friday this year, but when I saw that Colourpop was offering 30%, I figured it would be the perfect time to place an order. While I have received Colourpop products as gifts, I never purchased anything from them myself, so I was excited to pick out a few things!

Colourpop is a US-based brand that I have wanted to purchase from for a while. They are cruelty-free, and they even have quite a few vegan options. In addition to this, they offer some of the most affordable prices for their makeup! They also come out with collections with amazing themes like Disney and astrology.

Surprisingly, I ended up ordering small things instead of any of their popular palettes. Since I already own a few palettes from other brands that I’ve been neglecting to use regularly, I wanted to pick up products and colors that I would actually use. Plus, being a newbie to the brand, I wanted to try out a variety of things!

Disclaimer: All of the items mentioned above were purchased by me, and I am not sponsored/affiliated with Colourpop in any way. I simply wanted to share some of my purchases and favorites with you all!

Zodiac Loose Pigments

This is what I was the most excited for, even though I do not typically use vibrant colors in my eye looks. I’m a bit of an astrology junkie, so when I saw Kathleen Lights’ zodiac loose pigments, I was eager to try them out. I originally refrained from them because I had never used loose pigments before and had to do some research first, but they’re astrology-themed, colorful, and sparkly-those are basically my favorite things combined!

I decided to pick up three from the collection: ‘The Water Bearer’, ‘The Archer’, and ‘The Scales’ (which non-coincidentally go along with my sun sign Aquarius, moon sign Sagittarius, and rising sign Libra). ‘The Water-Bearer’ is a vibrant blue, ‘The Archer’ a deep purple, and ‘The Scales’ a dark pink. All three are very sparkly as well.

To apply these, I wet my eyeshadow brush with some setting spray and then swiped on the eyeshadow. These went on so well, and the color looked amazing! This might be due to my inexperience with loose pigments, but the application was a little messy. While it didn’t come off around my eyes, I did somehow get some on my chin? Like I mentioned, this is probably due to my lack of experience and the fact that obviously loose pigments are going to be easier to get all over the place. It also took a little extra work to remove all of the sparkles around my eyes when I was taking my makeup off, but this is common with most glittery products I use.


Super Shock Eyeshadow

I browsed through all of the eyeshadow color options and immediately fell in love with ‘Empire’ and ‘Fizz’. Green seems to be my favorite color for makeup, so I knew I would get good use out of these (especially around the holidays!). ‘Empire’ is a darker, forest-y green while ‘Fizz’ is a lighter green. I love to combine lighter shades of green with darker shades, so I’m looking forward to using these!


Lippie Stick

I’ve tried one of the Colourpop lipsticks before and loved it, so this time, I thought I would experiment with their lippie sticks. I purchased one in the shade ‘Aquarius’ (are you really surprised after my excitement over the loose pigment astrology collection?).

This is a lighter, neutral shade, which is a great addition to my collection that consists of brighter and darker colors. The lippie stick itself looks like a pen prior to opening, and I love it! This also went on smoothly and lasted for a few hours.


Lippie Scrub

This winter weather has been killing my lips, so I’ve been on the lookout for all of the lip care products I can find. I didn’t realize that Colourpop offered lip scrubs (I had always used the ones from Lush), so I wanted to try one out. I went with ‘Razzle Dazzle’, which smells AMAZING (and tastes amazing too). I love the raspberry scent, and it does make my lips feel smoother after using. The consistency of the scrub is stickier than the Lush one I tried, so I accidentally applied too much the first time around. After I knew what to expect, it was easier to apply a smaller amount.

Face Milk

I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin, so the face milk collection that Colourpop has by Fourth Ray Beauty caught my eye. They have a variety of options like ‘Rose’, ‘Watermelon’, and ‘Coconut’, so it was difficult for me to pick just one! I ended up going with ‘Papaya’.

The smell is a little fruity, but it’s not overwhelming. The instructions say to put two to three drops of the face milk into your palms, rub them together, then apply to your face. This left my face feeling a little more hydrated, but aside from that I really couldn’t feel the product on my skin. I love when products don’t weigh down your skin, so this was a plus for me!


Have you ever shopped at ColourPop before? What are your favorite products?

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