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As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a lot of favorites in 2019. This post is my last ‘favorites’ post of 2019, and this one discusses my beauty favorites! While I’m not a beauty guru, I do love trying out new products, and in 2019 I did just that. I tried a variety of new brands that I was introduced to by fellow bloggers and YouTubers. There are still plenty that I need to look into, so hopefully that will happen in 2020!


I’m not much of a perfume person, but I’ve been getting more into fragrances lately (who doesn’t want to smell good?!).  I typically receive perfume from family and friends, so this year I mainly tried perfume that others have given me. My mom also gave me a perfume sampler for Christmas, so maybe in 2020 I can start to narrow down what I like and repurchase a few things on my own!

Also, I am very uninformed about which fragrances are cruelty-free and which are not. With that being said, some of these fragrances may not be cruelty-free. If you have any cruelty-free recommendations for perfume, please let me know!


Marc Jacobs Daisy

My neighbor gifted this to me after I took care of her sweet dog for a couple of days. It smells amazing, and the container looks so cute too.

Taylor Swift Incredible Things

I’m not going to lie, I absolutely loved all of the perfumes from Taylor Swift. I don’t think she has released any recently, but I actually repurchase these all the time when I find them at stores like TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. I also have her “Incredible Things” perfume as a rollerball, so I can take it with me anywhere!


BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette

While some of the color choices for the signs are a little questionable to me, I adore this palette! I love the astrology theme, and the colors show up well and are easy to apply. Prior to this palette, I had a lot of neutral eyeshadows; it was nice to add more red and lavender colors to my collection!


Colourpop Zodiac Loose Pigments

I purchased these towards the end of the year, but I love them! I mentioned the three I purchased in my latest ColourPop Haul, but these Zodiac Loose Pigments are perfect for anyone who loves bright colors and glitter!

e.l.f. Setting Spray

Before 2019, I never used setting spray. I didn’t want to splurge right away on a high-end setting spray, so I thought e.l.f. would be a great place to start! Along with the affordable starting price of the product, I used a coupon and redeemed some points at Ulta to further reduce the price. It’s been working great so far!

Nail Strips

I love nail polish, but unfortunately with my schedule, I have more time for my nails at night. While I have access to a porch, I don’t really want to go outside to paint my nails at midnight (especially when it’s cold), but I also don’t want my room to smell like nail polish. Nail strips have been a great way for me to quickly apply gorgeous nail designs without making a mess. I have primarily used nail strips from Colorstreet (I did a review on my YouTube channel). While the nail strips are pretty and work well for the most part, Colorstreet can be a little pricey and is a company that works under a multi-level marketing (which isn’t something that I’m much of a fan of). I have recently purchased a set of nail strips from Incoco that I am looking forward to trying!

Urban Decay ‘Perversion’ Mascara

This mascara really volumizes my eyelashes! I tried a few mascaras this year that ended up clumping on my eyelashes, but I don’t have to worry about that with Urban Decay’s ‘Perversion’ mascara.


Dry Brushing

I purchased a dry brush from Amazon after watching a few of my favorite YouTubers rave about it. While I’m not sure if it excels at everything it claims to do, dry brushing has done an amazing job exfoliating my skin! After the first use, my skin felt so smooth (even prior to applying cream). Dry brushing also reminds me to apply cream every night, and I’m sure my skin has been loving it (especially during these dry winter months). I might do a full review here on the blog or on YouTube since it worked so well for me!


Wowe Bamboo Toothbrushes

On the lookout for sustainable alternatives, I came across these bamboo toothbrushes on Amazon. These have worked well for me, so I already repurchased another set of 4. A couple of bristles might come off the first time you use one, but it isn’t bad at all. It’s just like using a plastic toothbrush, but it helps the environment a little more!

*These Amazon links are not affiliated…I’m just sharing the links in case you wanted to check them out!

Bonus pic: Tigger checking out my photo set!

What were your favorite beauty/self-care items this year?

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9 thoughts on “2019 Favorites || Beauty

  1. I’ve been wanting to try bamboo toothbrushes for so long, but I have such sensitive gums/teeth so unfortunately, my mouth hurts if I don’t use my electric toothbrush.

    I’m excited to see the KL x CP Loose Pigments in your roundup!! Would you believe that I’ve never tried anything from the BH Zodiac collection? This palette looks so tempting to me though!

    Dry brushing 100% deserves more hype. It is so good for your skin and your circulation, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, that’s a shame. At least you have something that doesn’t hurt your mouth!
      Yesss I’m in love with the loose pigments! I want more lol. And wow! I think they have three Zodiac palettes, and all three look so pretty! I love the one I have!
      It really does! My skin feels so much better after dry brushing!


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