2020 Bullet Journal Spread


I have been obsessed with planners ever since I can remember. In elementary school when we were supposed to purchase a set planner from the school, I had my mom buy me a Lisa Frank planner instead. I think the teachers wanted all of the students to have the same planner so they could tell us exactly where to write things down, but I did fine on my own (I mean, how many assignments did I have to keep track of back then?).

Last year, I used an amazing Wonder Woman planner from AC Moore (who else was devastated when they heard that AC Moore is closing all of their stores?). It was slightly more customizable than your average planner as you could start with any month you wanted; you simply had to fill in all of the dates (if you want to learn more about that planner, I did film a YouTube video about it last year). For 2020, I’m going to be using a bullet journal! I found a fairly plain journal with dotted grid paged from Hobby Lobby, and I am excited to organize my planner exactly the way I want it this year! While I am still a beginner, I like how my bullet journal is coming along!

For this post, I wanted to share my layouts so far. I have a yearly section and have started January. These are not completed yet, but I thought I would share what I have! Hopefully, it’ll give you ideas for your own bullet journal.

2020 Pages


This is a simple page with 2020 in the center. Instead of creating a theme or design for the cover, I thought I could add an image/doodle to this cover page every month. This way, it fully represents the entire year!

2020 at a Glance

This page briefly shows the calendar for the month. I figured it would be a nice reference for what day of the week months start on or when holidays are (a list of important events is on the adjacent page as well).


Important Dates/Goals

Half of this page is devoted to important dates, the other half is devoted to yearly goals. Important dates are any dates that I’m looking forward to (mostly music and movie releases), quidditch tournaments, start of semesters, and birthdays. My goals are in progress, but they include my yearly aspirations for 2020.

Starting Stats for 2020

While I am not a huge stats person when it comes to my blog and social media, I do love to look back and see how far I’ve grown in a year. I recorded all of my stats on January 1st, so I can look back in a year and see how things have changed!

2020 Yearly Reading

I did a yearly spread for 2020 using my animal spirit oracle deck, and I wrote down the results on this page. I thought it would be fun to see what animal represents each month and to look for aspects of the animal’s symbolism that are reflected in my life.


Washi Tape Collection

This was inspired by a few pages I found on Pinterest, but it will be a collection of all of the washi tape I have! This page is in progress so there is not a picture, but hopefully I will complete it soon! The design I have in mind for this is to put each washi tape like a picture hanging from a string (like in college dorm rooms).

Books Read in 2020

My goal is to read 30 books this year, so I created a page to keep track of all of the books I read. I hope to fill this page up with book titles!


January Pages

Cover Pages

On the left is a quote, and on the right is the name of the month. For January, I decided to go with a constellation theme. As an Aquarius, I thought it was fitting (along with the Aquarius constellation drawing, I added those of my moon sign, Sagittarius, and my rising sign, Libra, to the cover page). I thought it would be neat for the quote to go along with the theme, so I chose to include one of my favorites from Vincent Van Gogh: “I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream.”


Monthly Overview/Goals

This page includes a calendar for January, filled in with any important dates such as birthdays, holidays, quidditch tournaments, events, and music/movie releases. I also added a section at the bottom for any monthly goals that I have.



Budget, ideas, and favorites are all combined into one page! Since I live with my parents and do not have many bills (I don’t include single purchases here, it’s mainly overall monthly statements), I do not need a large section for my budget.  My ideas section is solely for blog posts and YouTube videos that I would like to post/upload in January, so I do not think I will be needing much space for that as well (plus, I have another notebook to write down ideas). I wanted a little section for favorites too. I thought it would be nice to remember the things I enjoyed this month, and it will come in handy whenever I make monthly favorite videos!

Weekly Spreads

My weekly spread resembles the planner I had last year. It’s vertical, so the day is at the top followed by four boxes that pertain to that day. The first box is for any set times such as holidays, birthdays, work schedules, appointments, social events, etc. The second is for any personal tasks or chores I may have (like reading articles for my internship or doing laundry). The third is for school assignments and deadlines, and the fourth is for blogging and YouTube. I will also use colored pens to differentiate between items within boxes; I like things to be very organized!

Aside from the boxes, there is also a section for notes. I have primarily been using this notes section to write a to-do list that’s for the whole week (like things I should research or look into at some point). I love quotes, so I have been writing quotes at the bottom of the pages as well!


January Playlist

I make a playlist every month, so I thought it would be fun to write down my favorite songs in my bullet journal. Sure, they may be on Spotify for me to look back on, but what if I delete them or for some reason get rid of my Spotify account? I can still reminisce on my favorite songs since I have written them down!



I have a few pages for any notes that I might have. These pages might also turn into another page if I get any more ideas. I’m thinking of making one more of a reflection page, but I’m not sure yet.

Do you love planners? Have you ever tried bullet journaling?


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10 thoughts on “2020 Bullet Journal Spread

    • I would recommend it, especially if you enjoy organizing and creating things the way you want them. It is best if you already have an idea of what you want to do before starting one though, because otherwise it can be overwhelming!


  1. ooo I really love your cover design with the stars and galaxy!! Also, that is an awesome idea to track your blog stats and keep track of your playlist. I should def do that b/c my spotify results were so wonky this year / this decade b/c I listen to different music thru different platforms, but it would be nice to look back and see what I was actually listening to on a monthly basis!

    Also, legit was so freaking sad when I found out AC Moore was going under. Felt like my childhood was crashing to an end since I used to live for trips to that store to work on my next art project!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I love constellations. And yeah, blog stats would probably even be cool to track monthly, but since I started slacking last year with posts, I want to focus more on creating content than stats right now. But I definitely love looking back on it yearly! Keeping track of your playlists would definitely be a good idea if you use different platforms!
      I know, I loved visiting AC Moore as a kid too! It was such an inspirational and creative place. It’s sad because I feel like the other main business I see closing often is book stores, so it’s like all the magic of my childhood went out of business.

      Liked by 1 person

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