Why I Love Halsey


With Halsey’s new album Manic coming out tonight, it seemed fitting to do a spur-of-the-moment post on why she’s my favorite artist. I mentioned how two of her songs inspired my blog name in my previous post, and one of my first posts on this blog was about her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour (which was amazing, by the way). If she’s influenced my blog, you know she has influenced my life in general. This is why I’ve devoted this post to the reasons I love Halsey!

She’s always collaborating.

Halsey is constantly collaborating with other artists. She seems to befriend many of them too, like BTS and Taylor Swift. Not only does this allow her to put out new music, but it also makes her look like a fun person to work with and become friends with. While I’m sure she has her feuds, she seems to be very loyal to those she is close with (like Halsey was one of the first people to defend Taylor Swift when she was running into issues with her old label). Collaboration can be such a great way to improve and open up more opportunities, so I’m glad Halsey has done so!

She isn’t afraid to switch things up.

Going off of her collaborations (and even her own albums), Halsey seems to have songs for every mood and every genre. She experiments with different music genres, which I personally love because I enjoy listening to new things. In addition, Halsey is talented outside of music and has even incorporated painting into some of her performances! While I’m not a musician, I am always trying new hobbies and switching up my interests, so I feel similar to her this way. Another thing I love? Her hair! She changes this quite often, using different wigs to vary the length and color.

Her energy is amazing.

I only saw her in concert once (although I have watched plenty of her live performances/concerts on YouTube), but I am in love with her energy! I feel like her stage presence is so strong; she acts like she belongs up there. Maybe she’s not a professional dancer, but I love the way she’s always moving on stage too. She appears to be very passionate about her music, and I love it!

We’ve been through things together.

I discovered her first album Badlands after my grandma passed away (which was my first experience with the loss of a loved one). I went a bit wild that year, but Halsey’s album was there with me along the way. I even unintentionally made a car full of people listen to it on repeat for five hours on the drive back from Spring Break (the car wouldn’t eject the CD, so is it really my fault?).

Even her singles I remember – ‘Tokyo Narita’ was released on Spotify during the summer between my junior and senior year of college. I jammed out to it with all of the kittens (including my cat Tigger!) that my roommate and I were fostering. I was also in the midst of an almost-relationship that was all over the place, so this song resonated with me at the time.

I distinctly remember the release of Hopeless Fountain Kingdom as well. It was the summer right after I graduated college. Unfortunately, it started off with me getting sick AND getting 13 stitches in my knee (plus someone shattered my car window). When Halsey released her second album, I was starting to get back on my feet (like, I could dance in the living room of my apartment, no problem). Wonder Woman was released in theaters the same day, so it was a great start to the better half of my summer!

Along with all of these specific memories, I’ve spent so much time dancing to Halsey in my room, singing along to her songs in my car, and begging people to play her songs at parties (seriously, some people probably think I’m very quiet and shy-then as soon as Halsey came on the speaker, I was dancing all over the room).

Hopefully, Manic will come along with other positive changes in my life. I know it might be silly to think ‘oh, Halsey has a new album? My year is going to be great!”, but the excitement and happiness I have for her and the album can spread into other aspects of my life. Sometimes optimism can be beneficial!

A few favorite songs to end this post on (although I love all of them and they change every day):

  • ‘Is There Somewhere?’
  • ‘Nightmare’
  • ‘Ghost’
  • ‘You Should Be Sad’
  • ‘Hold Me Down’
  • ‘Devil in Me’
  • ‘Sorry’

Are you a Halsey fan who’s excited for Manic tonight? Or do you have any bands/artists who have had a huge impact on you?

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5 thoughts on “Why I Love Halsey

  1. Ah I still remember listening to Badlands for the very first time and being so blown away. Halsey is such a talented singer and I can for sure relate to the feeling that certain artists carry you through certain periods of your life.

    In many ways, I feel this way towards Ariana Grande (and even Taylor Swift to some extent). Paramore was def the band that carried me through much of my school experience.

    Hope you love this new album!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • She is, I’ve been loving her new album!

      I loved Taylor Swift and Paramore growing up too! I’ve never been AS obsessed with Ariana Grande, but I listen to her music often and listen to her new releases. I can definitely see why people love her, but I think my obsession with Halsey leaves little room for anyone else lol.


  2. Halsey is def amazing with all her collabs and the songs she’s been putting out! It’s really nice to feel close to an artist / their songs. You find that special meaning and how it applies to your life. Glad it helped get you through things. 🙂


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