Friday Favorites 2/28/2020


Happy Friday! For today’s post, I wanted to share some of my favorites from the last week or so. I’m not sure if I’ll do this type of post every week, but I think it would be reasonable for me to write a post like this bi-weekly! We’ll see how it goes. I believe that it’s helpful to reflect on and keep track of the things you are grateful for, and writing this type of post allows me to do so. I can share a few things that I enjoyed, and you all can comment some of your favorites this week as well! Plus, one of my favorites might become something you try and love too!

This will include any products, food, movies, tv shows, books, or life events that I enjoyed this week. While I usually upload monthly favorite videos on my YouTube channel, I wanted to mention my favorites more often than that. Those videos are also more product-based, whereas these posts will likely be more lifestyle/experience-based. Anyways, let’s get into my favorites from this past week!

Snow Day

It snowed for the first-and likely last- time this winter. The snow looked pretty as it fell, and fortunately for me, it didn’t last very long. It snowed for an afternoon/late evening, stopped, and then melted the next day. Especially this close to spring, I didn’t want a huge snowstorm, so this was a perfect way to get a little winter weather before the season ended.

Scooby’s Birthday!

Scooby turned 6 on Wednesday! We didn’t have a huge celebration, but we went to the park for a nice walk. We stopped at a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru along the way so I could grab a coffee and he could get a dog treat. He also received a special baked treat when we got home and was pampered with a bath. We ended the night by watching Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed before he went into his crate (with clean, just-out-of-the-dryer bedding/blankets) for his bedtime!

Getting Dunkin’! Scooby loved the smells!
Watching Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

No Internet

No Internet might sound terrible, but it was actually a good experience for me-I needed a break to reflect and relax a little bit. 24/7 access to the Internet can be overwhelming. It’s easy to feel like you need to be available all the time and to be constantly working on things. For example, even when I’m ahead of my classes, there’s a little voice in the back of my head that says “you should be working on homework or looking for jobs” any time I attempt to relax or work on something else. When I relaxed without the Internet the past few days, that voice couldn’t tell me that because I’m not driving somewhere with WiFi to do homework at 12am at night when I’m already ahead of my work.

In the future, I might try to maintain more of a schedule, where I set aside a specific time to work on homework/job searching/blogging followed by a guaranteed ‘de-stress/Internet-free’ time. This way, I can make sure that I take breaks without feeling guilty for doing so.

The Rookie

The Rookie is the only show that I watch that’s currently on TV (I actually mentioned it in my 2019 yearly favorites post). It had an incredibly long winter break as the last episode was in December, but the winter premiere aired last Sunday! I was so excited because the last episode had ended on a cliffhanger that showed my favorite character-Lucy Chen-in peril. While I didn’t think they would kill her off because they made it so obvious that she was in danger (although two other characters I loved have already left the show), I wanted to see what happened.

I know the whole damsel-in-distress thing is a trope that’s seen a lot in TV/movies, but I don’t know-I felt like Lucy still looked like a badass even though she was in a helpless situation. If it weren’t for her, she wouldn’t have been found in time. She was also able to get a couple of hits on the killer even though she had been drugged and dehydrated, and she remained relatively calm throughout the whole ordeal. All the characters remained somewhat calm and focused throughout the episode, but they had each other for support where Lucy didn’t (plus, she was the one who was abducted).

I also really ship her with one of my other favorite characters-and it looks like the show does too! There were lots of good moments in there that made me ship them even more. I’m looking forward to seeing where the show goes from here, and luckily, it’s back to it’s normally schedule of airing an episode every Sunday night at 10pm!

Until It Fades by K.A. Tucker

This was a fun read! Sometimes the characters annoyed me a little, but overall it was a cute romance with a happy ending. This was also the first book I’ve read from K.A. Tucker, and I like her style of writing. I already have a few of her other books on my ‘want to read’ list, so I can’t wait to read those as well!

What were some of your favorites this week?

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12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 2/28/2020

  1. Having an internet free period actually sounds wonderful – I think it’s important to have times like that to just detach from the web and be in the present. For me, I’ve been rediscovering my love of “My 600 lb Life” which I know sounds random but it’s so addictive lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was really wonderful! Especially since I haven’t taken any vacations recently, it was great to take a break from everything! And nice-I watched a few episodes of that a while back, and I think I scrolled past it on Hulu the other day (I already had another show in mind to watch though)!


  2. I also watch The Rookie and agree, the winter break was incredibly long. Fun fact about the actress who plays Lucy – she won the Canadian version of American Idol way back in the 2000s!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah! I hadn’t heard about her in a while and then I start watching this show and there she is. I think you alluded to it in your post, but I’m also expecting her and Tim to get together soon. Her and Nolan always felt weird to me.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes I really like Lucy and Tim! I never liked Nolan and Lucy either-I feel like Lucy and Tim work better together, and I don’t really see Nolan dating another cop. Since his specialty is connecting with people, I think he’d be better with someone outside of the profession

        Liked by 1 person

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