Things I’m Looking Forward To


Is anyone else missing activities or places they used to frequent before the pandemic? I know I am! Instead of being nostalgic and remorseful, however, I’ve been trying to look forward to doing them again in the future. I’m not sure what our ‘new normal’ after the pandemic will look like-will our daily life be altered forever? Who knows, but I am hoping that at the end of all of this, I will be able to return to my favorite activities!

Now, am I going to cry when people can safely go out and gather in groups again? Probably not as I’m not into showing emotions like that, but I’m going to be very happy. Without further ado, here are some of the things I’m looking forward to!

Note: All pictures in this post were previously taken; I assure you,  I’ve been taking the stay-at-home orders seriously!

Spend time in a bookstore

Anyone else just love going to a bookstore like Barnes & Noble, grabbing a coffee from their cafe, and exploring shelves upon shelves of books? Or a cozy local bookstore, which is sure to give you a vintage selection and possibly some discounts? I want to spend more time in bookstores when this is over. Reading is one of the things that has been keeping me sane throughout quarantine, so I’ll probably need some new reads when this is over anyways!


Also, I’m going to be so grateful to be able to visit the library and coffee shops when this is over! Both have motivating environments for me to finish work in, and of course, libraries also allow me to discover new reads (for free!).

Hanging out with friends

I regret to say, I get caught up with being productive to the point where I neglect meeting people and hanging out with people when I get the chance. This pandemic has allowed me to see that, and I hope to jump on more opportunities to hang out with friends and meet new people when this is over!

Also, I would say I am very introverted, but when I have too much time by myself, I think I do tend to go on ‘extroverted streaks’. I was already keeping to myself most of the time prior to this pandemic, so I would say my introvert meter is overcharged. I will probably surprise people with the amount of social activities I will say ‘yes’ to in the future!

Playing quidditch

I was thinking of retiring soon (maybe I should pay attention to what my parents say and focus on getting a job), but how can I end on a season that ended with nationals canceled?

Quidditch is also a GREAT way to make friends, which goes along with my previous point. If I want to be more social, quidditch is probably the easiest way for me to do so. It also allows me to travel, which will feel amazing after being cooped up in my house!

Attending a concert

Music is so powerful-it can be inspiring, cheerful, romantic, sad…there’s likely a song out there for whatever you’re feeling. Hearing music live is a wonderful experience. You’re excited, the crowd’s excited, and the artist is performing the songs you all love and have listened to on repeat. The last concert I attended took place a few years ago, so I’ve been itching to go to another one. I booked tickets to Halsey’s Manic Tour this summer, but unfortunately her tour was pushed back a year. If everything eases up by then though, I’m sure the summer of 2021 will be great!

Jump into the ocean

I was born in Florida, had many family vacations at the beach, and went to a coastal university-I am REALLY missing the beach right now. I haven’t seen an ocean since I moved out of the area due to Hurricane Florence (well, I had one quidditch tournament there a month after that, but I didn’t stay after my games to explore). I’m going to try to plan a beach trip once this is over because I love the ocean so much! Besides, I don’t have a pool or anything to go to in my area, so I need a good reason to use my bathing suits, right?


What are you looking forward to when life starts to return to (somewhat) normal?

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8 thoughts on “Things I’m Looking Forward To

  1. I’ve really missed working in public places like bookstores, libraries, and cafes, too. I love the buzz of being surrounded by people even if I’m not actually socializing. Also, I really miss the beach – I’m so hopeful that we’ll be free before the summer really kicks off. A summer without the beach isn’t a true summer. X_X

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    • Yes, even as an introvert I really love being around people! It’s just interacting with others 24/7 that can drain me. I would love it if this calms down for the summer-it wouldn’t be the same if we can’t go out to the beach!

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  2. I LOVE concerts I can’t wait to go to one either. I think the last one I went to was in December… it’s been far too long. I also can’t wait to hit up all my favorite bookstores, although I’ve been ordering books online from a few to keep them afloat. I’m most looking forward to traveling again. My one month trip to Honduras got cancelled so I rescheduled for October, but am hoping to do some shorter domestic travel until then!

    Rachel ||

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    • Yes, it will be so amazing to be able to attend concerts again! That’s awesome that you’ve been supporting the bookstores online…I’m not sure if my local shops offer online orders, but I’ll have to look into it! That’s unfortunate that you’re trip had to get rescheduled, but some smaller trips would be nice in the meantime!


  3. These are really great things to be looking forward to Melissa! I definitely miss hanging out with friends and being able to go to the mall and just go window shopping for getting something to eat somewhere. Honestly I don’t go out a lot so I only miss a few things… But I’m very excited to not have to be afraid to go out and be near people again haha 🙈😁

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