March Book Haul


Guess what I did again? I purchased more books even though I haven’t had any time to read whatsoever! My friend wanted to go to Books a Million, and I couldn’t say no to a weekend trip to the bookstore. Books-a-Million always has interesting books on sale, so I always want to buy everything. This time, I managed to limit myself to four books.

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February Book Haul


Hello everyone! After having a busy weekend, I went shopping at a few restore shops and a used bookstore. These places are great for discounted books; some might be worn, but there are quite a few in great condition. My boyfriend challenged me to find some novels that were outside the young adult genre, and I believe I succeeded. Since I’ve been falling behind on my to-be-read lists (I’ve had so many things to do and work’s been changing my schedule like crazy), I decided to share my haul with you guys! Hopefully I’ll be able to read these soon.

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My January Book List


I posted a to-be-read list last month, and it actually helped keep me on track, leading me to finish most of my list! I figured I might as well make a list every month to motivate me to read; this also allows me to make sure that I read books from a variety of genres. Sorry if my list for January has too much sequels…I’m currently in the process of reading a ton of series at the moment. Anyways, here are the books that I aim to read this month!

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What I’m Reading: Graphic Novel Edition


Hey everyone! The past month was pretty fun for superheros with the release of Thor: Ragnorak and Justice League. One of my managers at work also gave me an armful of graphic novels to borrow (I guess they figured out I’m a bit of a geek-whoops)! These are all DC; to be honest, I feel like I enjoy reading those more even if I might generally prefer Marvel movies (although now DC’s got Wonder Woman, so…). Anyways, here are the graphic novels I’m reading!

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