Fall Movie Marathons to Have This Season


If you are seeking to marathon a spooky series this fall, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, I’m sharing a few of my favorite series to watch during the Halloween season!

During the fall, I normally keep myself busy running off to quidditch tournaments and working on school assignments. I tend to neglect watching my favorite Halloween movies. Since the pandemic is still around (therefore canceling my crazy adventures), however, bingeing a spooky series sounds like the perfect way to celebrate and get into the Halloween spirit!

I have never been an avid horror movie fan, so you might not see your favorite horror movies on here (but you should definitely comment to let me know what I need to add to my watchlist). I have included a few kid-friendly options as well, so check out the first three on the list if you are looking for a family-friendly series to watch!

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The Bright Side of Self-Isolation


In today’s post, I wanted to share a few of the benefits I have experienced from self-isolating. I do recognize that with the pandemic, this is a devastating time, and I am grateful that I have not been as impacted as some people by the health and economic consequences. If I could exchange these perceived benefits of mine to be rid of the pandemic, I would. But I also try to see the bright side of things, and I think I really needed some time to reflect.

Sometimes, time on your own is necessary to figure things out, and I think over the past few months, I’ve gotten a better perspective on many things, such as:

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Things I’m Looking Forward To


Is anyone else missing activities or places they used to frequent before the pandemic? I know I am! Instead of being nostalgic and remorseful, however, I’ve been trying to look forward to doing them again in the future. I’m not sure what our ‘new normal’ after the pandemic will look like-will our daily life be altered forever? Who knows, but I am hoping that at the end of all of this, I will be able to return to my favorite activities!

Now, am I going to cry when people can safely go out and gather in groups again? Probably not as I’m not into showing emotions like that, but I’m going to be very happy. Without further ado, here are some of the things I’m looking forward to!

Note: All pictures in this post were previously taken; I assure you,  I’ve been taking the stay-at-home orders seriously!

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New Stickers From Geraldine Draws


My friend Geraldine (who blogs over at Geraldine Talks) opened up her store Geraldine Draws a few weeks ago. After seeing all of her cute artwork on her Instagram account, I knew I had to order a few stickers (besides, who doesn’t want to support a small business?).

This post is a little late (my laptop ran into some trouble), but I wanted to share what I purchased! Everything on her site is animal-themed which I love (and food/drink themed too). Aside from stickers, Geraldine Draws also offers adorable prints! More artwork has been added since the shop opened, so if you’re in need of some cute stickers or art prints, check it out!

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