My Thoughts on Folklore


Like many people, my summer has not been incredibly exciting this year. The news is flooded with the pandemic, and I’ve been staying at home avoiding people. I was already looking forward to last week as it was my final week of summer school, but Taylor Swift decided to make it even better by releasing her surprise album, Folklore.

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Why I Love Halsey


With Halsey’s new album Manic coming out tonight, it seemed fitting to do a spur-of-the-moment post on why she’s my favorite artist. I mentioned how two of her songs inspired my blog name in my previous post, and one of my first posts on this blog was about her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour (which was amazing, by the way). If she’s influenced my blog, you know she has influenced my life in general. This is why I’ve devoted this post to the reasons I love Halsey!

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2019 Favorites || Music


I mentioned in my previous post about my 2019 favorites in books, movies, and TV shows that I would write a separate post for my favorite music of 2019…well, here it is!

2019 was a huge year for discovering music for me. I started using Spotify again, and it has allowed me to expand my music interests while continuing to listen to my old faves. Many artists I follow also put out new music this year, so I constantly had new albums and singles to listen to. Since I live at my parents house, it normally takes me at least thirty minutes to get to work or any event, so I typically listened to Spotify at least an hour every day. Plus, I like to have music on when I’m organizing or working on things, so that adds up to a lot of time spent listening to music!

While I did discover music this year that was released before 2019, I only included albums and singles released this year in this post. Many of my playlists did have older songs on repeat, but I wanted to focus more on the music that came out in 2019.

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Get Motivated Playlist

I have an older laptop, so I had to uninstall Spotify at the beginning of 2018 because it was crashing my laptop. Since I don’t have Spotify Premium, I thought it wouldn’t be worth it to have the app on my phone. Last month, however, I decided to download Spotify again (for my phone, that is-I’m not trying to kill my laptop). I’ve missed being able to discover new music, so I’m glad to have Spotify back in my life! The ads can be a bit annoying, but I honestly don’t mind them as much. Once I get into more of a comfortable financial situation, who knows-I might get Spotify Premium in the future. If I could play whatever song I want, wherever I want…that would be insane!

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