Citizen Science Projects You Can Get Involved In – Even If You’re Not a Scientist!


I was reading Citizen Science: Searching for Heroes and Hope in an Age of Extinction by Mary Ellen Hannibal, and it got me thinking…many people are staying at home right now due to the coronavirus and the holidays, so why not spread the word about citizen science? Many citizen science projects do not require physical interaction with others, so now would be the perfect time for people to get involved!

As someone who majored in Environmental Science but opted to pursue a career in Computer Science, I aspire to continue volunteering for conservation projects whenever I can, and citizen science is the perfect way to do that! Citizen science is a great way to connect the community to the science community. Sadly, science is something that has been politicized and disregarded when it comes to certain environmental issues, so it’s more important than ever for people outside of the field to be involved with science.

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Sustainable for the Holidays


Christmas is one of the busiest shopping times of the year. While this is good for businesses, it can be bad for the environment. Fortunately, there are a few ways to keep your waste down as you shop and participate in holiday events. In this post, I have compiled a few ideas to spread cheer AND sustainability this Christmas!

I have happily seen a few other bloggers I follow post sustainable Christmas posts (or sustainable posts in general), so I have featured a few of my favorites throughout this post as well!

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Lemur Adventures


If you’ve been keeping up with my blog/life, you might remember me mentioning that I’ve been volunteering at a local fossil center. I mainly volunteer once a week for around three hours, so it doesn’t take up much of my time. Since the fossil division has more projects than employees, I help them out with smaller, more meticulous tasks. Like cutting out foam, housing fossils, and taking pictures for 3D modeling. It might not sound like the funnest way to spend my free time, but I personally find it interesting! Plus, it helps out the lemur center and any researchers who want to use the fossils.

Last weekend, the lemur center even offered tours for volunteers. Naturally, I said yes and immediately signed up for a time slot. Who wouldn’t want to spend their afternoon hanging out and taking pictures of lemurs?!

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Favorite Sustainability Videos


I wanted to write more sustainability and environmental conservation posts for my blog this year, so I am going to start off with some of my favorite videos that bring awareness to environmental issues! I think that when videos and films are done well, they can leave an inspirational message with their viewers. Especially since nature is so beautiful and the destruction can be so horrible to see, I believe videos can certainly help bring awareness to environmental concerns. I personally enjoy watching them and feel more inspired than ever to spread awareness and help the issue myself.

While there’s plenty of videos and documentaries out there, this post features five of my favorite videos. I feel like these motivate me to research these topics further and look for lifestyles changes that can help the environment. In the future, I’ll probably make a post similar to this one but with my favorite documentaries. Since documentaries are longer, they’re normally more informational and focus more on one topic.

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Comments I Hate to Receive as a Vegetarian


Since it’s ‘Veganuary’, I wanted to publish some sort of vegetarian themed post. This might not be a beneficial topic, but hopefully it’s something you can relate to! I know vegetarians and vegans tend to get a bad reputation for pushing their lifestyle on others, but I don’t feel like I’m very vocal about it. I don’t want people to be rude about my diet, so I don’t want to be rude to others about theirs.

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