A Cozy Winter Tag


Happy December everyone!

Now that I have most of my projects completed for school, I should have more time to blog this month. While I love the idea of Blogmas, I don’t think I could keep up with it unless I planned beforehand (I am participating in Vlogmas though if you enjoy watching YouTube!). That being said, I do want to post a few festive posts this year, and I thought I would start it off with Jackie’s (The Vibrant Dreamer) Cozy Winter Tag! It’s the first tag she’s created herself, and it’s perfect for the holiday season!

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Versatile Blogger Award


Hello everyone! I was nominated by Jackie of the Vibrant Dreamer for the Versatile Blogger Award (read her post here). I haven’t been tagged in a while, so I was excited to see this. Right before I was about to upload this post, I was also tagged by Geraldine from Geraldine Talks (see her Versatile Blogger post here). Since I was nominated for both in a short time period, I thought I would combine both nominations into one post. Thank you Jackie and Geraldine!

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