2019 Favorites || Beauty


As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a lot of favorites in 2019. This post is my last ‘favorites’ post of 2019, and this one discusses my beauty favorites! While I’m not a beauty guru, I do love trying out new products, and in 2019 I did just that. I tried a variety of new brands that I was introduced to by fellow bloggers and YouTubers. There are still plenty that I need to look into, so hopefully that will happen in 2020!

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Bad at Love


Happy Valentine’s Day! And yes, I titled this post after Halsey’s song because I love it (and this post is about being bad at love, so it’s perfect). In case you haven’t been following me long and haven’t seen my Valentine’s Day ideas for singles post, I am currently single. It’s not something that I’m particularly unhappy about because there’s a lot that I’m still learning about myself right now. But…

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I’m Doing Blogmas!


Happy December everyone! I always love reading/watching blogmas and vlogmas posts/videos every year, but I have never attempted it myself. This year, I have decided to change that and take part in blogmas! Will I be 100% successful? I’m not sure. It’ll definitely be a challenge, but even if I don’t post every day, I feel like it’s worth a try! With these types of things, I think it’s good to push yourself but also to know when you need to take a break.

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Preparing for a Hurricane


Hello all! I’ve been trying to adjust to my new work schedule, but I finally have the weekend off to spend some time blogging thanks to Hurricane Florence.

For those of you who do not live on the East Coast of the US, there’s been a major hurricane brewing in the ocean. It was once estimated to hit my home of Wilmington, NC as a Category 4 or perhaps a Category 5 storm, but thankfully the hurricane weakened and is now a Category 2. The coasts of NC/SC are not in the clear yet, however, and we are about to see what the effects of the storm will be now that it’s approaching.

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