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What I’m Watching on Netflix


With summer right around the corner, I have more free time to use my Netflix account! There are quite a few series that I’m currently working on (I am so far behind), plus there’s a few that I would love to start. The majority are TV shows, but I do have some movies and documentaries on my list as well.

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February Book Haul


Hello everyone! After having a busy weekend, I went shopping at a few restore shops and a used bookstore. These places are great for discounted books; some might be worn, but there are quite a few in great condition. My boyfriend challenged me to find some novels that were outside the young adult genre, and I believe I succeeded. Since I’ve been falling behind on my to-be-read lists (I’ve had so many things to do and work’s been changing my schedule like crazy), I decided to share my haul with you guys! Hopefully I’ll be able to read these soon.

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