Waking Up Early


Before the hurricane messed it up, I was getting used to my new schedule with two jobs. Unfortunately, it called for a lot of early mornings and late nights. I used to struggle a lot with waking up early enough for work. I would snooze my alarm as long as possible before jumping out of bed and quickly throwing on my work clothes and leaving the house. This year, however, I’ve been trying to end my habit of getting ready last minute by waking up with enough time to start my day off right.

Surprisingly, I was doing so well. Even while juggling two jobs, I never forgot anything or showed up late.

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September Favorites


September was certainly a crazy month. Hurricane Florence hit the town I live in, and I’m still currently displaced due to the storm. While I missed having a consistent income, it was kind of nice to have a few weeks off of work. I was able to spend some time with my family and pets while working on my blog a little more. I also had more free time to read which doesn’t happen often.

The down side of the hurricane was all of the damage it caused. The storm didn’t affect me as much as most people, but I do have to transfer to a new apartment due to roof issues. I know a few people who ended up losing everything, and I feel terrible for them. There’s also downed trees everywhere along with some damaged buildings.

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Reconnecting With Old Friends


Whether it be for school, a job, or family,  people tend to go their separate ways no matter how close you were to them. The friends you met for coffee every week will no longer be there to sit down and talk to, but that doesn’t mean you have to part ways forever! With all the technology available today, it’s easy to send a message or check on people via social media.

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Preparing for a Hurricane


Hello all! I’ve been trying to adjust to my new work schedule, but I finally have the weekend off to spend some time blogging thanks to Hurricane Florence.

For those of you who do not live on the East Coast of the US, there’s been a major hurricane brewing in the ocean. It was once estimated to hit my home of Wilmington, NC as a Category 4 or perhaps a Category 5 storm, but thankfully the hurricane weakened and is now a Category 2. The coasts of NC/SC are not in the clear yet, however, and we are about to see what the effects of the storm will be now that it’s approaching.

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My College Experience


One of the best experiences in my life was attending college. While I don’t feel like I was as successful with my college experience when it comes to academics, I had a great time meeting people and improving myself as a person. I know college can be hard for a lot of people, but fortunately that was not the case for me.

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