Lights Lacquer Review


I used to be obsessed with nail polish. French nails, polka dots, stamp kits, water marbling…in high school, I tried it all. Nowadays I don’t have as much time for my nails, but I do like to paint them when I get the chance. I haven’t purchased any new nail polishes in a while, so when I found out that Kathleen Lights had a new nail polish brand called Lights Lacquer, I had to give it a try!

Her polishes do not contain any animal derived products, and they are “7-free,” which means they are free from harmful ingredients such as DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, TPHP, and Xylene.

I love the color options for the polishes! There’s not a huge selection, but the colors that she currently sells are amazing! There are quite a few darker shades, and there’s some metallic and glitter options as well. The names are cute, and there are quite a few named after crystals (the website includes a brief description of the healing properties of the crystal the polish takes after)! Keep reading to see which ones I picked up!

Disclaimer: I purchased these polishes and decided to review them on my own; I am not affiliated with Lights Lacquer in any way.

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2019 Favorites || Beauty


As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a lot of favorites in 2019. This post is my last ‘favorites’ post of 2019, and this one discusses my beauty favorites! While I’m not a beauty guru, I do love trying out new products, and in 2019 I did just that. I tried a variety of new brands that I was introduced to by fellow bloggers and YouTubers. There are still plenty that I need to look into, so hopefully that will happen in 2020!

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Black Friday Colourpop Haul


I wasn’t planning on participating in Black Friday this year, but when I saw that Colourpop was offering 30%, I figured it would be the perfect time to place an order. While I have received Colourpop products as gifts, I never purchased anything from them myself, so I was excited to pick out a few things!

Colourpop is a US-based brand that I have wanted to purchase from for a while. They are cruelty-free, and they even have quite a few vegan options. In addition to this, they offer some of the most affordable prices for their makeup! They also come out with collections with amazing themes like Disney and astrology.

Surprisingly, I ended up ordering small things instead of any of their popular palettes. Since I already own a few palettes from other brands that I’ve been neglecting to use regularly, I wanted to pick up products and colors that I would actually use. Plus, being a newbie to the brand, I wanted to try out a variety of things!

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Going Cruelty Free


While I have tried to be cruelty-free the past few years, I haven’t taken it as seriously as I need to. Sometimes I felt like it took me too much time to research which brands test on animals, but is that a good excuse? No. I have decided that there’s no reason not to be cruelty free, so I’m no longer going to purchase any products that harmed animals to create.

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Lush Favorites


Last summer, I finally gave in to all of the hype that I’ve heard about Lush and splurged big time. I was on vacation in Charleston, and I came back with a huge bag of items. Ever since, I’ve been addicted.

The store might have higher prices than other places, but I don’t mind paying a little more. The products smell good and typically last a while (except maybe bath bombs). They’re also sustainable as the majority of their products don’t even have packaging (online shopping has more, but they even list different ways to recycle/reuse their products on the package). Lush also has a recycling program where you can receive a free face mask if you turn in five empty (and clean!) Lush containers. Plus, the company supports a variety of causes, such as banning shark finning, LGBT rights, women’s rights, and more! Everything they sell is cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian as well (some are completely vegan too!).

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